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» Journal: Can use character journal, shinra_dog

» Birthdate/Age: January 1989 / 24

» Characters Played: N/A


» Name: Reno

» Canon: Final Fantasy 7 / Advent Children. Technically mixed media, but the movie is a continuation of the game time line.

» Reference:

The wiki’s pretty thorough, but if there’s a question that’s not answered I’ll look into it and provide another reference.

» Canon Point: Post-Advent Children, but before Dirge of Cerberus

» Gender: Male

» Age: 26 (based on best judgment and fan-made speculative timeline; will provide reference if needed)


» Appearance: Tall and lanky, especially when compared to his particularly muscular partner. He has flaming red hair that he keeps tied back in a ponytail that reaches to about mid-back, though shorter wisps hang messily over his pilot’s goggles. He has twin red slashes on his cheekbones, unspecified whether scars or tattoos in canon, and bright blue-green eyes. Carries himself in a laid back slouch, his uniform is blatantly disheveled and he seems proud of it.

» Suitability: N/A

» Orientation: Unknown, but not Asexual. He’s teased his partner about “crushes” and appears interested (according to Elena, he has talked about who he “likes” off-screen), but his relationship(s) have never been directly established in canon.

» Personality: Reno’s appearance really represents his personality well; disheveled, yet in uniform, he is a clusterfuck of contradictions. Normally he has a very laid-back attitude, highly maintained by arrogance, so when he is sufficiently challenged he loses his temper. He can be extremely loyal, but to a degree of self-imposed boundaries: when he is on, he is 100% on; when he is off, he is 100% off. He allows Cloud and the other “terrorists” to go about their business, despite complaints from Elena, because he is on vacation. And when he coldly drops Don Corneo off the highest mountain in the area, the only reason behind it is “Because it’s our job.” He has spent enough time in Shinra doing dirty work that little by little he has adapted to be able to heartlessly commit atrocities (such as the destruction of Sector 7), although Advent Children: Complete suggests that he has begun to question himself and develop some remorse.

Considering all the circumstances, I am surprised no one has noticed how high Reno ranks for suicide risk, but perhaps he compensates by his slight sadistic tendencies and certainly his drinking habits. He often holds himself above the rules, such as (again) the uniform, immediately disobeying orders he’s just given to subordinates (“don’t step on the flowers”), or disobeying direct orders to engage Cloud because he didn’t feel like it. His confidence in his competence is not without merit, however. Lastly, while his professional limits tend to lean toward the selfish, he does have some sensible motivations and his pride does not keep him from retreating when necessary. In his words, “A pro isn’t someone who sacrifices himself for his job. That’s just a fool.” He would do anything for Shinra, but he wouldn’t do that. So when he runs into Cloud and Gang again in the tunnels, he decides he’d rather disobey orders than get his ass handed to him again when there were more important issues to deal with.

Reno is not completely heartless, though, as he does risk his life to go back and save a few brainwashed orphans from Bahamut-SIN in Advent Children (even though most of them are, in fact, orphaned because of him). He and Rude also save Tifa after her defeat by Loz (although, admittedly, they had an investment in Cloud & Tifa’s survival). As for saving the children, without anything in it for him, a few conjectures can be made. It could be part of his attempts for “redemption,” although it happens as almost an accident more than a conscious decision. It is entirely possible that Reno will only attack “adults” (with wiggle room for Yuffie), and company-identified “enemies,” (when he’s not on vacation) leaving unarmed children as non-targets. Dropping the Plate over Sector 7 is easily overlooked/justified as a faceless, nameless massacre where Reno did not have to see any person in particular to be faced with concrete effects. However, Advent Children and the Sector 7 massacre are the only instances where children are ever involved, directly or indirectly, so there is no canon evidence as to his change of heart.

Overall, though, Reno would be an interesting drinking buddy, a fun gossip-monger, a good (if not difficult) friend, and probably a good lay. Even if some of those qualities could be from poor coping mechanisms for continued exposure to cognitive dissonance and trauma.


After working with them for so long, the Turks have become more of a family to Reno than simply an extension of Shinra. Tseng and Reno are polar opposites when it comes to personality and decorum, but Reno respects the other man, especially for making some of the harder decisions that Reno couldn’t (or wouldn’t), such as earning their way back into Shinra (Before Crisis) with the order to assassinate the previous “treasonous” leader of the Turks. Elena may always be treated like a “rookie,” but she’s still earned her way into the organization through hard work and dedication, so she also has some respect – at least more than the average person. Somewhat like a little sister to Reno (since he worked with her older sister before), there exists that attitude of “nobody can treat her like crap except me.” Rude, of course, is Reno’s best friend and working partner. The redhead is actually pretty protective of the larger man, even though he can get pretty careless when it comes to respecting personal property (ex: sunglasses in AC). When Rude starts acting a little different, Reno is the first to follow him and discover a secret relationship with a woman who turns out to be a spy and confronts her. It can be assumed that when Rude confessed he was also attracted to Tifa that alarm bells went off in Reno’s head for the same protective streak. However, it is also reasonable that Reno is somewhat jealous of his partner’s attention and perhaps has a personal interest (since Reno’s sexuality is not explicitly explained in canon) in asking the other man “who do you like?”

Rufus is a bit of a special case. Things did not start out well with him, to avoid spoilers, and eventually ended up in a physical altercation where Reno, Rude, and Tseng captured the younger Shinra and used him as leverage. Rufus earns Reno’s respect by staying his father’s order to have the three Turks executed, as well as just plain being a more effective president later on.

What it really comes down to is a strong set of relationships built upon the professional obligation to live or die with these people. After a while, the obligation turns into a genuine connection and willingness to die for any of them. Technically, when Shinra still existed, Turks were not able to freely leave the company because of their level of security clearance and information. Reno stayed because he had an idea of what he was getting into when he joined, and he would be killed if he defected (canon proven, “the only way you leave the Turks is in a body bag,” assassination order for Veld). Now, though, it’s become more of an emotional bond than simply for his physical safety (not that that wouldn’t be threatened if he left); when the world has gone to shit, and these are the people that were once your entire life, you stay with them for stability. Shinra is what Reno knows. He also feels obligated to actively work to set things right and atone for what the Shinra Corporation had done in the past, as do Rufus and the other Turks (at least so they say). Atoning for past sins under familiar leadership with an elite “family” of coworkers is stable and safe.

As for previous members of AVALANCHE, Reno holds no malice for them. He seeks out Cloud through Tifa (with a friendly phone call, no less) when Rufus needs assistance (Advent Children) – and while he does attack Cloud, it’s more out of an obligation as bodyguard. After he’s easily defeated, he completely lets it go and is a lot friendlier. From an airsick rookie to becoming an all-around badass, Cloud would probably get super props from Reno if it didn’t mean Reno had to admit being less than the best.

Hands down, though, Reno can’t stand incompetent people – biggest example, the now-deceased Heidegger. He’ll probably follow orders from them because he “has” to, but he will hate it and let them know.


At least one sample MUST demonstrate your character's feelings about or reactions to sex!

» First Person Sample Choice:

2) [Bright blue-green eyes fill the screen at first before the device is held back by a tense-looking redhead.]

So... This thing's got webcam. Okay, sendin' out a message t' anyone on the network, hopefully someone else is there. Shit, I hope someone else is there. [He tugs nervously at the obvious collar.] Damn awkward t' be seen in this thing, but I'm screwed if I'm alone in this mess.

Anyway, really jus' one question --

Where th' fuck am I?


» Third Person Sample Choice:

1) Reno inhaled deeply, satisfied, as he woke. He kept his eyes closed a moment longer to enjoy the sensation, spreading his limbs to let his naked skin glide against the silk sheets. It had been a long time since he felt this good – since he’d been fucked this good. He could already tell that he wasn’t in his own bed, and he called out to the woman he assumed would be there, “That was great. Don’t worry, I’ll let myself out – but I’ll call ya, okay?”

He hadn’t expected silence. And when he opened his eyes, he certainly didn’t expect the degree of grandeur this room had. High ceilings, stone columns, a large bay window overlooking the sea….

The sea? There was the smell of salt in the air, gulls calling as they rode the breeze, he was definitely by the coast but this was not Costa del Sol. The Turk had never seen this kind of undeniable luxury before except perhaps in the way he imagined the President must live, and even then he’d never known the kind of décor this room displayed. As the tension and anxiety set in over the unfamiliar setting, Reno rose quickly – and suddenly noticed the pressure on his throat. Immediately his hands flew to his neck where he discovered his collar, something that might not have bothered him under different circumstances. He chuckled nervously and tried calling out again, “Heh, real kinky, babe…. But I can’t wear this t’ work, so, let’s stop playin’ around now an’ get it off, ‘kay?”

His fingers quickly ran over the leather, searching for the clasp. Then again. Several times, he searched with growing desperation as he discovered there was no discernible way to remove it. And his PHS apparently had no outside signal to call Rude. Slowly, the redhead’s efforts stopped and he sat for a moment in awe, making no move to dress. “What th’ fuck…?” he whispered.
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