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player info

Username: Magellan
Contact: [ profile] shinra_dog
Rules and Conditions: Yes

character application info


Faction: Wulgrimm
Role: Scout/Spy
Current Mana Points: 8
Obtained Powers and Cost of Each:

Current Status:
Reno has returned to Wulgrimm after a month as a (well-treated) prisoner in Zakiem, and now he's working on getting back out in the field after spending another month under Farin's thumb. He's pushing himself to prove his worth -- again.


Gender/Race: No preferences for gender/race, though Reno would prefer humanoid
Age: Preferably 18+. 16-17 is pushing it, but talk to me first.
Medium: No preferences
Rating: G through X


Is it okay for other players to contact you with thread or kink requests?: YES! Please do!
Are you comfortable playing with both factions, or just one?: Both!
Are there any powers other characters MAY NOT use on your character?: None I can think of at the moment... If you're not sure, just ask. :)
KINK LIST IS HERE: F-List for Reno


  • Reno can be very cruel, and under the right circumstances, he may very well physically or mentally hurt/torture someone. He won't consciously rape someone, but dubcon may or may not happen if he is influenced by an outside aphrodisiac. Violence is more of a risk to "enemy" faction characters, it's not usually his immediate reaction but it is a possibility.

basic info

Name: Reno
Age: 26
Canon: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
History: Main Timeline | Supplemental: Building Edge | Supplemental: Retrieving Jenova and Investigating a 2nd Illegitimate Shinra


Strengths: Reno has always been a scrapper, and Shinra has honed that diamond in the rough into a well trained attack dog. While he is still human, he is the fastest of the Turks and his abilities managed to currently secure him the second highest rank after Tseng. He is the quick-thinking type that will take advantage of a moment's hesitation or will use anything within reach as a weapon. However, that doesn't mean he's only combat-focused. Reno is smart enough to know when a battle is going poorly and he will retreat to fight another day rather than die for someone or something else. "Ideals" and "orders" are all well and good until they're about to get you killed. Not that there aren't things Reno would die for, but they are very few. He might put his life on the line during "work hours," but after that, he keeps his work and the rest of his life very much separated. When he is off-duty, he is off-duty and that is the end of it. That separation is definitely part of his self-preservation -- it keeps him holding his own life to a higher priority than any job, not to mention just keeping him sane to let go of all the shit at the end of the day.

To those that earn his respect, Reno will be incredibly loyal. He loves the idea of "family" and he counts the Turks as his. He can be surprisingly forgiving, especially when any "hostility" between him and "the enemy" was a matter of circumstance. For example, he holds no malice against Cloud, though of course he fought the other man as Shinra against AVALANCHE. But, just like keeping work and life separate, that was a matter of orders; and when he isn't in a situation that immediately demands opposition (even if that's just being on vacation), he can be pretty friendly or at least civil. At the same time, he can be incredibly ruthless if he deems it necessary. It isn't a matter of being heartless -- he does try to have a limit against children -- but it is business. If he can achieve that business without working up a sweat getting into an unnecessary fight, he'll take the easy way -- for instance, allowing Nanaki/Red XIII to say goodbye to his mate before taking him to Hojo's lab, or passing Cloud in the Midgar tunnels because evacuating civilians was more important than AVALANCHE in that moment. For having generally hazy morals, more often than not Reno tends to lean toward the "good" (though he'll fight anyone that says so) -- when he's not committing atrocities.

Flaws: Reno can be very stubborn. He dresses sloppily and speaks overly-casually, and much of it is just pushing his limits. Polished up and put in a suit, he still is who he is, and he's not going to change that for anyone. Reno can be proud and is often reckless, running in to act first and ask questions later -- unless of course he's already gotten his ass handed to him once before, or the situation is too intense (see: Bahamut-SIN). Then he might hesitate. But someone mouths off to him at a bar? He's probably going to throw a punch. The flip-side to his loyalty and concern for his family is that he might stalk them if he thinks something is wrong, rather than just ask. He'll justify it as being protective and that he hasn't been wrong so far. Reno is also very attached to his cigarette and alcohol addictions, those are his major coping mechanisms. He's afraid of dragons and other large monsters in the sense that everyone should have a healthy fear of such things, but beyond that he gets very anxious about the thought of asphyxiation. He will never wear a tie unless it is literally upon threat of death -- which is why the control band around his neck is extra irritating. Leash and collar kink pushes his limit, and he will only engage with someone he trusts absolutely. He still occasionally gets nightmares about dropping the Plate/the Sector 7 Massacre, and Meteor's destruction of Midgar.

Miscellaneous: Reno loves gossip and back-sass. His quick wit is paired with a sharp tongue and he is a notorious tease. And, when it comes down to it, he enjoys working for Shinra. He likes the adrenaline rush of a good fight, a successful mission, and his favorite -- flying. He loves the freedom of the company helicopters. What Reno hates is disrespect. If someone talks down to him, it really pisses him off right away. His respect and loyalty has to be earned, and if someone is haughty or condescending, Reno will remember it. For someone in authority, it makes the difference between Reno honestly doing his very best and just half-assing his orders. Likewise, he has little tolerance for someone he deems an idiot. Bubble-heads are fun for drunken one-night-stands, but not for any sort of real conversation. At the same time, Reno gets a bit irritated when someone is especially intelligent -- more so if they are arrogant about it. It's a blow to his ego. He will always have a greater loyalty to those he works with than anyone who simply tries to use him as a tool, and he will prioritize a true friend over a mission. Reno can be a little shit and he knows it; someone who gets close to him will see a more serious side.

Reno does hold considerable suspicion against doctors after the horror that was Dr. Hojo. He'll see a medic if he absolutely has no choice, but he won't like it and he will make it known. If he had a choice, he'd rather one of the other non-natives do it, they seem more trustworthy. As stated before, his primary coping mechanisms are drinking and smoking, and he is definitely a fan of sex. It might get a little hedonistic but he justifies it. He has a lot of stress.

game plans

Starting Faction: Warlord
Goals: I can't deny, I'm looking forward to beating on Reno a little bit by throwing him into a terrible and traumatic situation. It will be an especially interesting conflict for him since, at this point in his canon, he has been trying to make amends and atone for past wrongs. Being thrown into Wulgrimm will force him into a place where he will have to make those same decisions as before, think about just how far he's willing to go in hurting others for his own benefit. Ultimately he will be thinking about escaping Wulgrimm, potentially being one of the ones to become a double agent or create a third faction. That is, of course, if he doesn't succumb to the darkness of being one of Wulgrimm's soldiers and begin enjoying it a little too much...

MANA ; Reno/Chuuya
Reno pays Chuuya back with sexual favors
MANA ; Reno/Lucutio
Reno attempts to seduce his torturer (drop/handwaved)
Reno assists the torture of Axel
MANA ; Reno/Vincent
Vincent's reward turns into punishment (handwaved)
MANA ; Reno/Chuuya
Reno sweeps Chuuya off his feet with piano and his arms (handwaved)
Bertram teaches Reno some manners
MANA ; Reno/Axel
Axel forgives Reno, but not without some tit for tat
MANA ; Reno/Prompto
It's not Cloud, but when a cute blonde wants to take his picture, Reno makes it kinky (drop/handwaved)
MANA ; Reno/"Rufus"
Reno's dream comes true when Rufus arrives in Sheatris and wants to take their relationship to the next level. Too bad it's only a dream. (drop/handwaved)
MANA ; Reno/Zexion
Zexion needs mana badly in Lafidia, and Reno obliges
MANA ; Reno/Zexion
Reno gets a helping hand at the hot springs

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