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Sam remained in the bathroom even after the ill feeling left her. She looked at her hand and flexed the fingers a bit. She knew it had been awhile since she had this sort of similar feeling before, but it seemed worse this time. She didn't listen in on their conversation not having any care to it. This wasn't her responsibility. Her eyes glowing in the darkness would seem eerie to a lot of people, but she had a lot of softness to them. She had let the cold exterior fade from her body long ago. Even when she would bring it up, as she has done the last day or so, it would quickly fall.

Reno sighed as he closed the door behind Yuffie, having finally gotten her to leave. He wasn't sure how much time had actually passed, but talking to her made it seem much longer. As he sank onto the sofa and massaged his eyes, he nearly forgot about Sam.

Sam! Where was she again? Oh, right, she'd shut herself away in the bathroom. That was a little weird.

With a soft groan, Reno pushed himself back up to standing again and lightly knocked on the bathroom door. "Sam? You okay in there?"

Sam heard the knocking and sighed hearing his voice. She didn't mind it though. She really did feel like talking to someone actually made her feel a bit better. She really hadn't talked to many people since after his death, "You can come in if you want..." She told him not motioning to get up.

Reno paused, uncertain about that -- there really was no telling what he'd find behind that door. After a moment of thinking about it, though, he slowly opened it. "You decent?"

Blink blink. "It's dark in here, yo, you been sittin' in the pitch black this whole time?"

Sam lifted up her head and responds, "Didn't feel up to turning on the lights, sorry." She leaned her head back against the wall. "Also, I'm sorry for giving you a scare earlier." She wasn't sure what else to say to him about that.

Reno shook his head. "Don't apologize if you're sick, yo, just wanna make sure you're okay. You were kinda freakin' earlier, what was that all about? You need ta' lie down again?"

Sam blinked not at all expecting someone like him would make sure she was 'okay'. She would be lying if she wasn't touched by this. She shook her head, "No, I am fine now. Don't worry about that...I don't think it will happen again any time soon. However, since I am in your own home, I have to tell you something at least. I have this relapse ever since I lost him to those dark seraphs. I can sense the life stream from life forms. You know we are all created from the life stream...even the animals and trees. My body is slowly dying..."

Reno gave her an odd look. "Waitaminute... start from the beginnin' here. What?"

Sam stood up onto her feet using the wall for support, "You know I'm not fully human. I don't blame you for not understanding anything that I say...That is okay. I will be gone before that happens to me again. I rather not put you in harms way when I can prevent it."

Reno raised his hands, half in a "hold up" motion and half to keep her from leaving. "Whoa there, this is exactly what I'm talkin' about. Harms way? What does that hafta do with the Lifestream an' slowly dyin' and... and whatever?" He gave her a hard look, pressing for answers.

Sam stopped and gave him silent eye contact. She wasn't sure how to make him understand. He is a Turk...he couldn't understand. It still amazed her she would say that he may get hurt and he still showed concern. "You really are a strange care for an enemy even though I could try and kill you right now..You have no weapon on you so you're completely unarmed...Why do you care for an ex-rebel like me?"

"Look, lemme be perfectly clear," Reno began, "I don't care for enemies. I don't care for rebels. But ya saved my life, so 'til the end a' today or longer if it happens again, I owe ya one. Furthermore, if ya say somethin' like I'm in 'harms way,' doncha' think I'd care about that?"

"Not t' mention," he continued, "an' I'm sure this'll stir your anti-ShinRa ire, but you're a valuable resource. You've got experience with the Dark Seraphs, you were trained as a SOLDIER, an' you're damn strong. You're an investment worth protectin', yo."

Sam couldn't help a small smile at that. She was continually amused by him returning back to the ShinRa's mind. He clearly was into his work even though he did show laziness to it. Hearing that last part she lost the smile, "Experience... I saved you yes, but that luck will eventually run out. I am not sure exactly if I could withstand more guilt. I have to admit this to you, but you're one of the only few left that actually have seen me in the past and know who I am."

"Doesn't matter," Reno answered readily.

Sam grit her teeth when he said that. She took that as an offense and was clearly upset, "'Doesn't matter'?? Do you have ANY idea what I have gone through with these damn things!? I spent two years running from these damn dark seraphs that killed the one I loved. I watched him die and there was nothing I could do about it! He told me to run while he held them off knowing what was going to become of him! I ran away!...I was a coward.." She didn't hold back the tears as she did when the sprinklers went off.

Her glowing eyes seemed to have a glassy appearance to them.

Reno stared at her long and hard, the same look in his eye, as he listened and let her finish. Once she was done, he inhaled slowly through his nose.

"Doesn't matter," he repeated. "Look -- we all do things we regret. But we can't change the past. The only way we ever know if we can 'withstand more guilt,' as you say, is t' just get up off our asses an' try. An' if we've learned anythin' at all, then the next time around we shouldn't do anythin' that'll make us feel guilt. But sittin' around and cryin', feelin' bad for ourselves because we fucked up so long ago an' we can't do anythin' about it? That changes nothing."

There was a harsh, cold deadness to his eyes as he spoke -- the eyes of a true Turk, deadly and never scar-free from the job.

"You don't wanna be a coward? Then stop running."

Sam listened to him and wasn't sure what she should do for herself. Even if she did try and stop these Dark Seraphs, no matter what she did, it still wouldn't bring him back or anyone in fact. Apart of her wanted revenge for his death, but was that really what she wanted? Or should she fight to actually save everyone that she could? Her mind felt scattered all over the place.

She stared at him with soft eyes for some time before suddenly started moving towards him. She opened up her arms and leaned over to wrap her arms around him in a hug.

Sam's hug caught Reno off-guard and he froze for a moment. Bloodthirsty assassins don't often get cuddles. But it broke him of his icy exterior and, relieved he'd apparently gotten through to her, he briefly returned Sam's embrace.

"A'right now, buck up," he said after a few seconds. "People gonna need you -- gotta be strong now, 'kay?"

Sam buried her head into his neck and nodded a bit. She spoke into his neck, "Fine...I'll do what I can until I take my last breath." She promised. She wasn't sure how much she truly can do before that happens, but she was willing to try.

It did feel good to actually hug someone though. Even if that person is a Turk, oddly at that.

"Good. I'll hold ya t' that." Reno gently brought Sam back to hold her at arm's length. His eyes now adjusted to the dim light from the doorway, he could see she was so... so... disheveled. He couldn't help but smile crookedly at her puffy-eyed post-crying face.

Sam let him go and stared back at him. She nodded her head as a response not even making a motion to try and hide the tears from her eyes. It was much too late to hide them now. She didn't feel quite embarrassed as she thought she would be though. How broken was she? She felt so confused and her mind was going all over the place. She found it even crazy she would actually have a short thought in her mind that actually thought he was somewhat attractive. Why!?

"I'll, uh, letcha' clean yourself up," Reno suggested. "Want me to hit the lights for ya on my way out?"

Sam put a hand up to her eyes and wiped the already drying tears from her face, "I think I can turn the lights on myself if you don't mind. I'm not that totally worthless." She joked slightly.

"Thank you.."

Reno chuckled. "No problem." He turned and headed back to the common room to give her some privacy.

Sam watched him go before turning the lights on in the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and the first thought that came to mind was thank goodness the lights weren't on in the first place. She must have looked awful in the dark, but with the lights on it looked much worse. She let out a sigh and turned on the water to begin wiping off her face to get rid of all the traces of where the tears were.

Reno looked around, trying to occupy himself so it didn't look like he was listening to Sam wash her face. That would be... weird, to say the least. He sighed, and almost in unison, his stomach grumbled, surprising him. It was later than he thought, and now that he finally had a moment to himself he realized how hungry he was.

Not that he had any food in the place.

"Mind if I order a pizza?" he called to the bathroom.

Sam turned off the water and responds, "That is totally up to you. It’s your home." She wasn't sure why he would ask her if he could order pizza. She shrugged her shoulders and went to wipe her face with a towel before heading out. Then the phone rang.

Sam would be able to easily hear Reno groan from down the hall.

"Food's gonna hafta wait," he said with a tinge of regret. "It's work."

He put the phone to his ear. "Yeah, 'Laney?"

Elena replied, "Tseng gave me orders to tell you that we can no longer move around separately to do our assignments...we will all be on call for now. So be prepared to leave if you're called Reno, this is serious." She warned him knowing his laziness could sometimes irritate her.

"I'm guessin' you heard about the incident at the lab, then?" Reno asked, assuming that was why orders changed. He wasn't about to question strength in numbers -- he'd seen firsthand that Dark Seraphs meant business and could easily rip someone to pieces. Besides, an emphasis on team work meant he'd be spending more time with Rude.

Elena was silent for a moment before responding, "What? Something happened in the lab too?" Tseng never told her something happened in the lab.

Reno's eyebrows couldn't rise any higher. "You serious, yo?" he blurted out. "He didn't tell you? Then... why did you think orders changed now?"

Elena bit her bottom lip finding this situation getting even more serious, "The main warehouse was broken in. I went to scout it out and there was a murder case there. Tseng came and he happened to mention something about a Dark Seraph and someone..or something showed up, but we never actually saw it...we just heard it talking to itself."

That was most definitely not good. "Damn..." There was one thing that confused Reno, though.

"But, why break into the main warehouse to kill someone? Or even stash a body?' he wondered aloud. "I mean, if ya want attention, there's a good chance no one's gonna find it. But if ya want to hide the crime, there's easier ways than breakin' one of our heavy locks. I mean, break a ShinRa lock, and..."

He stopped as he realized it. "Break a ShinRa lock, an' ShinRa's gonna notice. 'Laney, this is big -- whoever left that body knew what they were doin'. They wanted someone t' notice, but not just anyone, they wanted us t' notice!"

Reno felt a sinking feeling in his gut. "Elena, we all need to meet and share info, ASAP. We just got sent a message."

Reno had no idea how right he was. Elena took a moment in thought. She was not told she couldn't share the info she had to another Turk. "I think we should...I haven't even seen these things and from what I have heard...It sounds a very ill intent."

Reno realized something else. " 'Laney, we gotta go off the grid for this. Somethin' tells me there's somethin' deeper here, an' I got a feelin' we've just got targets painted on our backs. Don't go anywhere alone if you can help it -- stay with Tseng if you just saw 'im. We gotta meet in the most... non-ShinRa place we can think of."

"Most importantly -- make sure you're not followed."

Elena nodded her head agreeing, "I think that is a sound plan..." She couldn't think of anywhere on the top of her head that would fit that location though.

"Tell Tseng. With all of us, we'll figure out somethin'." He'd better, he knew.

Elena responds, "Understood...I will call when I find something else out..." She wondered if Tseng had any ideas on this.

"Oh -- and 'Laney?"


"Find Shana, too. You guys used t' be, y'know, friends..." Awkward. "She was an important witness. Anythin' that happens from here on out could put her in danger."

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Sep. 28th, 2011 07:54 pm
shinra_dog: (glare)
The ambiance of the street lights along the road move passed Tseng as he drove along on his way back home from the lab. Such a long night, but it was still dark out. He could still manage to go home and get some rest.

Elena had gotten up early that morning to prepare herself for work. She knew what she had to do today, but it wasn't very thrilling. She hadn't heard anything from anyone yet so doesn't know about the new situation that happened over night. After checking and double checking herself to make sure she was ready to work, she began to head out to her car and drive out to the main building.

She went to clock in and begin her rounds to the warehouse to make sure everything is in order and secure. She had even seen looters with her own eyes try and steal supplies from the warehouses, so extra protection has become required for these places. If the emergency supplies run around, then what would happen then?

She was afraid to find out, but her job wasn't to worry.

She went to the main warehouse to find everything looked as if they should be except something was missing. "Damn it Reno." She knew he was here to make sure all the warehouses were locked and secure before clocking out. She walked over to the door and found that the door handle was bent to it. 'Someone must of broken in over night' she wasn't sure if these looters were still in here so as a precaution, she pulled out a pistol and held it up as she pushed open the door.

She pushed open the door and looked inside. It was so dark in here, even when the sunlight flooded into the room. She listened as she walked deeper into the warehouse. It had a rotting smell in the air of the warehouse. She felt a bit sick to her stomach, but kept herself composed as she searched for a light source.

Once she found the light switch, she turned it on to light up the area. She let out a gasp and lifted up her gun pointing forward when she saw something that was one of the most disturbing things she has ever seen.

There was a man hanging from the ceiling by his wrists and neck by chains. The man's ankles were held together by a chain that looked like it must of cut off circulation to the victim judging by the color of the skin of the feet. The man's arms were spread out and the man's head was facing up towards the ceiling. Blood dripped freely from the man's body's open wounds that covered his body. Many were small wounds, but there were several deep gashes on his sides and chest.

There was blood wiped on the wall behind the man. It looked like they were...wings? That's the best she could make by the drawings. They looked to be still wet as blood still dripped freely from the disturbing art.

She struggled to reach a hand into her pocket to pull out her phone to put Tseng's number on speed dial. She slowly put it up to her ear waiting for an answer.

Tseng was practically falling asleep at the wheel as he drove. He couldn't wait to get to bed. His phone began to ring. Tseng let out a sigh, maybe he'd take the day off tomorrow to sleep. He reached into his pocket and opened it up as he put it up to his ear, "This is Tseng."

Elena heard Tseng answer the phone, but was silent as she fought to speak, ".....This is Elena, sir. I went to scout the main warehouse and there is a problem." She found it hard enough to speak as it is. She felt like there were eyes on her, but she couldn't see anything else in the warehouse with her.

Tseng could hear the hesitation in Elena's voice, something big was up. "Elaborate Elena, what's the problem?" He asks her, maintaining his composure. He had already begun to slow his car down, ready to turn around and make a dash to the Warehouse to rendezvous.

Elena continued not at all sure how to really 'explain' what she was seeing, "There is a dead body in here...It is an obvious murder case.." She saw something move in the corner of her eye by some stacked up crates. She pointed her gun towards it dropping her phone to the ground, but nothing seemed to be there.

A dead body? He didn't hear anything more than that so he may have been jumping to conclusions but could it be? Suddenly, Tseng here's a large clacking sound come over the phone, "Elena?" ....No answer. "Elena!" After another moment of her not responding he shuts his phone. Tseng does a rather reckless u-turn in the middle of the road and hits the gas back down the street.

Elena wouldn't normally be afraid of this sort of situation, but she couldn't see what could have done this. It was not a scene she has seen before even relatively close. She advanced cautiously as she made her way to the crates. She leaned against them before holding her breath and pointing her gun around the corner jumping out. To her surprise, a rather large rat began to run off at the sight of her. She let out a heavy sigh and lowered her gun feeling a sense of relief hit her.

Tseng's car made an abrupt screeching sound as it pulled into the warehouse parking lot, not wasting time finding an appropriate place to park. Tseng popped open the door to his car and ran out, his pistol already prepped for battle he charged towards the entrance of the building.

Elena watched the rat run off before turning around to head back to where she was standing. She looked down at her phone that had the battery popped out of the phone. She made an annoyed noise as she bent down and began to pick up the phone and the battery to put it all back together.

Tseng carefully inched open the door leading into the warehouse. He couldn't risk being too careful if what Elena had run into was really a Seraph. Tseng poked his head out only the amount necessary to see around the corner. The coast appeared to be clear as he walked in, pointing his gun around according to his sight. He wanted to call Elena's name out to see if he could locate her, but he knew with a Seraph potentially running around that could be dangerous.

Elena heard the noise of the door opening and she stood up onto her feet putting her phone away before putting both hands on her gun. She had to be cautious in case the murderer decided to come back. She began to cautiously make her way back towards the door. She leaned against a stack of crates that was on the opposite side of the front door of the warehouse. She could practically hear her heart beat in her ears as she tried to listen to whoever it was coming into the warehouse.

Tseng could make out the smell of death in the air. Hopefully this stench was from the body Elena mentioned earlier and not Elena herself. Tseng was using the boxes to cover his back as he made his way deeper into the warehouse. It was going to be troublesome to find her in this huge building without any sort of auditory communication.

Elena peeked out every now and then, but didn't see anything. She can however see a shadow on the wall. She knew defiantly there was a person in here. She peeked out the side of the crates and spoke to see if the person would respond, "Who's there?" She demanded.

Tseng was about to come around the corner when he heard a voice ask, "Who's there?" That voice, it sounded like Elena. Tseng felt a little tense, not completely sure of the tricks that Dark Seraphs could play. He chose to risk it, "Elena? Is that you?" Tseng finally returns a response to her.

Elena heard the voice and lowered her gun recognizing it, "Tseng?" She felt a sense of relief when she heard his voice. She walked out from around the crates to show herself. She could easily assume no one else is here besides them.

"Elena.. So then everything is ok." Tseng comments, overcome with a feeling of relief; though, it was odd. His relief didn't seem to come from the feeling of security that it was not the enemy. Regardless, Tseng takes no time to put his gun away. it seemed like there was no reason for alarm at this time.

Elena did the same with her gun seeing no use for it, "Yes, sir. No one else seems to be here. The blood seems fresh though..." She wasn't sure where the suspects would be at this time, but it was clear they shouldn't be that far away. She however, was expecting the suspects to be human.

Tseng pulls his phone out of his pocket, "Elena, I'd like to see the body." He begins to dial a number in his phone. It was important he confirmed what it was that had actually occurred.

Elena nodded and began to lead him out to the next room to where she saw the body. She found it a bit even more eerie that someone would take the time to use the victim's own blood for 'art', "Tseng, the body is here."

It didn't take long for Tseng to notice the 'creative' way the body was massacred. The wing design, there was no doubt it was symbolic. Somebody finally picks up, "This is Tseng. We need a cleanup crew here at the main warehouse." There is a pause for a moment, "No, the body must be completely disposed of. This is critical." Tseng explains to the person on the other side. After a few more exchanges of words Tseng finally hangs up. "Elena, it's important that we keep watch over this body for the moment," Tseng tells her, still looking at the body.

Elena looked over at Tseng and responds, "Okay..." She had a thought that this body wasn't going to go anywhere, but wasn't going to question him. She started to look around for any sign of where the person must of gone off too, but can't even see a foot print. She can't understand how someone could walk away without getting their shoes in the blood. There would have to be fingerprints on the chains, there just have too.

Tseng closes his phone up and makes his way over to a stack of crates to get comfortable against. He glances over to Elena who seemed to be working hard to find any trace of the culprit. "Elena. Have you heard at all of the Dark Seraphs?" Tseng strikes up a conversation.

Elena broke her gaze from the scene to look over at him a bit confused, "No, I haven't heard anything of that name before. Is this some kind of cult or organization?" She questioned.

Elena's innocence of the matter came of no particular surprise to Tseng. "No, this would be dealing with something a bit more..supernatural." Tseng takes another look up at the gruesome corpse they were guarding. "The Dark Seraphs are a group of parasitic beings which can take control of Human bodies," he explains.

Elena's eyes widen a bit in surprise to hear this, "How is this possible? Our science department hasn't been in full use in some time now. How could these beings suddenly appear as if from no where?"

Tseng's gaze returns to Elena, "I can't say for sure." Tseng releases a melancholy sigh, "This seems to be the case though. I was just with Reno who had an encounter similar to this. These monsters are indescribably dangerous."

Elena hearing about Reno wasn't sure if Reno was capable of taking one of these guys down, "If Reno was capable of destroying one, they can't be all bad right?"

Tseng hadn't thought before speaking. Elena was trustworthy, but it wouldn't be wise to let the information he knew leak out too far. "Reno may have had some help in the matter. Either way, it's not wise to take these monsters lightly." Tseng warns her.

Elena knew something serious must of happened if he wouldn't tell her all the information. It was too vague, "I understand. I will keep that in mind." She looked to the body that freshly dripped with blood. She could see the wings have nearly dried already. She wasn't sure what exactly these creatures are, but she will do what she can if the job calls for her too.

She froze when another male voice suddenly spoke up from within the warehouse, "Whew! I think he has really out did himself. His art has gotten a lot better!" The person's voice seemed to be behind some crates in the other room. She felt an ill feeling hit her once again.

Tseng's eyes narrowed at the sound of a new voice arising in the warehouse. It seemed to be referring to the corpse they were protecting. Was it talking to them or was this a conversation they were overhearing? Tseng remained still waiting to see which it was.

Elena moved herself closer to the crates to keep herself hidden from whoever it was speaking. She leaned her back as far as she could against them. The voice seemed to get closer as it spoke, "Agh..can't believe we have to do the dirty work." It jumped right on top of the crates, but from the angle from the height of the crates he couldn't see them. It was crouched down on top of the crates as it looked at the hanging body from the ceiling. The wings were well developed and were at least 8 ft wing span on each wing. The creature looked to be of a teenager age before the host died.

Elena slowly began to pull her gun out of the holster.

Tseng put his hand over Elena's to try and signal her to hold her fire. This was a perfect chance to spy a bit on their enemy. Not to mention he felt it would be a bad idea to immediately engage an enemy they weren't familiar with.

The dark seraph let out a heavy sigh and slid down the back of the crates. Elena could hear the scrapping noises going down the crates. Claws? She wasn't exactly sure. The creature spoke once more, "As soon as the ones protecting this city has been killed or at least should create a stir for the people least this scene will stir up some question and maybe some panic. Agh, I don't see why we just can't kill them all now. There are plenty of us." Elena wasn't sure if it was just talking to itself or another one of those things. She kept her gun lowered and listened to the conversation the creature was having.

The creature walked over to a crate and Elena could actually hear the strength the creature had pulled the seal crate open. She wasn't sure how that was possible. She was beginning to see what Tseng was talking about. The creature laughed, "These humans are already struggling. They may struggle even further when they find one of their trading cities have been destroyed." It slammed the crate closed and kicked it. It hit the crates Elena was up against and she let out a gasp at the surprise feeling the crate suddenly push her forward a bit. She quickly put a hand up to her mouth.

Tseng jumps a bit seeing Elena start to gasp. Just as she was catching herself he places a hand on her back to steady her and lightly cuffs his other hand over her mouth to make sure the noise was muffled. Upon making sure Elena had gotten a hold of herself again his eyes shift back in the direction the Seraph was speaking from.

The dark seraph seemed to go silent. Elena wondered if the creature actually heard her. She wasn't sure if they had sensitive hearing as well.
She could hear the creature start to chuckle. The chuckle was so sinister that it sent a chill down Elena's spine. She wasn't sure what they were going to do if the creature knows they are there.

The creature spoke, "Seems as if someone has found the body already...the clean up crew has arrived...It pains me to leave without causing at least one human death, but those were orders." He sighed. Elena could hear complete silence then. She wasn't sure how the creature would escape without anyone noticing. She didn't dare take the risk to peek around the crates to see if it was truly gone.

Only moments after the Seraph had appeared to leave the loud sound of footsteps and mechanical equipment could be heard noisely echoing through the warehouse. Tseng sighed and brushed himself off, "It would appear we were lucky today." he says aloud, making his way back towards the body.

Elena removed her hand from her mouth and put her gun away, "Yes, but...they plan to destroy all of midgar? One of our allies we were trading with is destroyed?" She hasn't heard anything like that yet. She wondered what else she didn't know about no one is telling her.

Tseng stares up towards the ceiling momentarily. "One of our allies... I wonder?" He begins to ponder who it might be. It seems the Seraphs plan to choke Midgar's population by cutting off its outside supplies. They seem too calculated to be that feral. "I need to talk with the President." Tseng mentions out loud.

Elena listened as people began to start coming into the warehouse. She looked to Tseng and bowed her head a bit, "May I be excused sir? I need to get to the other locations to make sure all of the other supplies is safe." She just hoped there weren't going to be anymore bodies.

Tseng returns his attention to Elena. "Yes you may; however, with there already being two encounters with these Seraphs today it's too dangerous for all of us to be moving separately. I'm going to be visiting the President now, so I need you to call all the other Turks and notify them of their new orders. All Turks must travel in groups until otherwise noted." Tseng turns towards the exit. "Also make sure to tell them they must be on call. I will likely need to speak to a few of you after my meeting. I won't be long." Tseng trails off as he makes his way out of the now populated warehouse.

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