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2015-09-09 04:41 pm
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Melodies Info Post

Name: Reno [AU import from Amatomnes]
Age: 28
Gender: Male/Male
Canon: Final Fantasy 7 Compilation
Canon Point: Beginning of DoC
Link to Application: here

Moogle Name: Sohma
Moogle Gender: Male

Thief, max
Ninja, max
--> Advanced Job, Assassin, max

Limit Break: Pyramid. Reno’s signature attack has been modified to contain an enemy for a set duration of time to allow for party members to buff/debuff uninterrupted. If a boss is successfully contained, Reno may be able to use Flee on himself from an otherwise inescapable fight. Any physical attack will shatter the Pyramid, the Pyramid itself absorbing any damage intended for the contained victim.
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2015-08-31 05:52 pm

Application - Melodies of Life


Melodies of Life )

As Of 2/15/2017
First Job: Thief (max)
Second Job: Ninja (max) EQUIPPED
Custom Job Turk (10 months) EQUIPPED