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"Recognize where we are, Cloud?" Reno asked condescendingly as they approached Healen.

Cloud gazed out the window momentarily, recalling the scenery. "Healen? I would have assumed Rufus would have relocated after all this time. Maybe I expected more of him?"

"Or maybe we're just that good at keepin' secrets from you," Reno replied with a grin. "Besides, what's t' say he doesn't relocate on occasion?"

They trundled past the sign, the lodge itself visible across the beautiful ravine.  The car motored up the trail to the drive in front of the building.

Cloud pushed open the back door of the car and climbed out, making his way over to the long wooden ramp that made its way up to the entrance of the facility. He didn't particularly feel a need to wait up for Reno and Rude.

Rude killed the engine and jogged after him.

"Hey, whoa there, pal!" Reno called angrily as he jostled out of the SUV and ran after Cloud. He reached out to grab his arm, then jerked his hand back when he remembered the wound. "The boss doesn't like uninvited guests. Hang back a minute, wouldja'? Damn, gotta be so difficult..."

Cloud stopped as he felt Reno's hand grip his arm. He turned his head to look at Reno as the Turk explained the situation. Cloud then relaxed his body and sighed. "Fine, let him know I'm here then," Cloud mutters.

Rude nodded and edged past Cloud and went inside.

After the two had vanished into the facility, within Cloud's eyes Uriko had just landed in the front of the door, smirking at Cloud.

It taunted him waving him to come at him. "Come on, want to know the cure?" Uriko took a step back and faded through the door.

Cloud could have sworn he just saw that damned Seraph that had attacked him in front of Midgar. It couldn't be though, could it? "Hm.. Reno, did you see something up on the platform there?"

"Tsk." Reno gave him a perplexed look over his shoulder and shook his head. "Doomed," was all he said before shutting the door to go talk to Rufus.

"Mr. President, it's my understanding that the Seraphs have been attacking towns in the immediate area of Edge that have been supplying the city," Tseng spoke, standing with his hands placed behind his back in front of Rufus' desk.

Rufus looked up from his paperwork, calm and quiet as he shuffled them into order and leaned back in his chair nonchalantly. "Showed up sooner than I thought," he said with a sigh. "Guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering how much of a trouble magnet you tend to be."

"Yes, that is the current picture we have of the situation."

Reno snuck up to the office door just in time to hear that bit and, despite the looming crisis, couldn't help smirk to himself as he heard Tseng described as a "trouble-magnet." It was true, the man had it bad. Stabbed, shot, couldn't keep a girl he liked to save his soul and couldn't notice another girl right in front of his face. That was Tseng.

"That's the case, yes," replied Rufus.

Tseng continued to maintain his statue-like pose. "Well, if I may say, sir, this actually sounds like advantageous information to us. We have narrowed down possibilities of where the Seraphs may strike next."

Reno glanced up at Rude, still shamelessly eavesdropping, suddenly much more interested. Tseng actually figured out clues already?

The corner of Rude's mouth twitched disapprovingly at Reno's action, but he couldn't help but cock his head to listen in as well.

The voice spoke up into Cloud's mind. "They have the cure...they have it...but they won't let you have it. They are plotting on how to use you for their next set're their puppet."

Rufus raised his eyebrows ever so slightly. "Their next move? That is valuable indeed. How did you come across that information?"

Tseng nodded his head. "Elena had called me over to one of our warehouses this morning under an emergency. When I got there, we had a close call with a Dark Seraph. We overheard it talking about a few things, though the attacks were what stood out to me the most."

Cloud could have sworn he heard a voice somewhere. How annoying. He must be getting feverish due to the wound or something. He started to make his way up to the entrance of the building. Reno and Rude were taking much too long to get back.

"Hmm... So they are finally making a move on Edge." Rufus tented his fingertips. "I had wondered what became of Dr. Aiden's abominable... project, but it appears it has, indeed, been fruitful and now that ripened fruit is upon us. We reap what we sow, Tseng." His eyes flicked up to the Turk's. "A Dark Seraph in one of our warehouses is no accident, make no mistake. What else did you find?"

Reno's eyes widened and met Rude's, which he assumed were just the same behind the other man's sunglasses. So, Rufus was familiar with the Dark Seraphs after all! Reno was stunned. At least, he thought to himself, Rufus wasn't directly involved in their creation... He hoped. No, he couldn't be.

"Unfortunately that is the crux of it, Mr. President. Otherwise, he was merely babbling about the other Seraphs it seemed," Tseng continued to explain.

Cloud had reached the door of the office holding his forehead. He had noticed the two bumblers crouching down in front of the cracked door like children listening in on their parents. Cloud put on a perturbed face before he planted his foot to Reno's ass and humorously kicked him through the door.

"FUCK!" Reno blurted as he face-planted into the door and skidded along the floor.

Rufus cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow, obviously not amused.

Tseng turned his head to find his number one subordinate sliding along the ground to his side. One could only imagine the embarrassment.

"Rufus," Cloud spoke as he stepped into the office. "The hell is with these Dark Seraph things? They had mentioned something about ShinRa to me."

"Cloud Strife... Do come in," Rufus said with a tense half-smile -- the "smile" part not fully reaching his eyes. "Reno, get up, can't you see we have a guest?"

Reno stifled a groan as he pushed himself up off the floor, rubbing his face and dusting off his clothes.

Rufus' tent collapsed as his fingers laced and he sat back easily in his chair, his position suggesting a relaxation that the Turks knew better than to believe. "So, you've encountered the Dark Seraphs as well? Surprise, surprise. Tell me how that went for you... Cloud?"

Cloud grabbed his arm for a moment, leaving the room silent for a moment before he lifts it to show the ShinRa President.

Tseng's eyes narrowed fearfully as they acknowledged the familiar wound on Cloud's arm. "It can't be..." Tseng couldn't help speaking out of turn.

Rufus sighed. "And yet it is."

"Doomed," Reno muttered under his breath.

"I heard that, Reno."

"Sorry, Boss."

Rufus gently massaged his temples. "I know why you're here, Cloud, but I am afraid I don't know a cure for infection. At least... not at this time." He looked into the ex-SOLDIER's eyes slyly.

"They are lying..." The voice spoke.

Cloud barely heard a voice or noise inside his head. He ignored it, this was much more important. "Tch, you're going to tell me you're just as clueless as them?" Cloud asks with an extended arm, clearly pointing out Reno and Rude. "You must know something more, or someone else that has more information."

"Of course, Cloud, are you really that simple?" Rufus smirked. "As far as I know, some of Dr. Aiden's research still exists. If it were analyzed by, say, the proper people, it stands to reason that more may be discovered about the nature of the beast. Including a reversal."

Cloud looks at Rufus for a moment. "Oh? Well is there anyone that could be placed on researching those notes?" Cloud never thought he would wish Hojo was still alive.

Reno's mouth gaped. Did he just hear that? Cloud must be desperate!

Rufus let his amusement at Cloud's request show openly. "Cloud Strife, are you sincerely asking me that question?" he asked smoothly.

Reno imagined it would sound the way a devil might ask for a soul.

Cloud clenched his fists once again. It always burned to ask Rufus for any help at all. It couldn't be avoided here, though. "I'm no good if I'm dead. I'll destroy these things with my own hands, but I have to live that long first," he answered Rufus' question implicitly.

Rufus smirked contentedly as he leaned forward once again, pleased with the obvious success of the conversation -- well, on his part.

"A wise decision, Cloud. I have the perfect specialist in mind." His eyes met Reno's for the briefest of moments, and the redheaded Turk blanched, feeling a sudden drop in his stomach.

"In the meantime, you're going to have to do some digging around. Any copies that ShinRa had of Dr. Aiden's notes have been destroyed, thanks to Meteor. But the originals must still exist, the presence of successful Dark Seraphs being the proof. I have reason to believe Aiden had a hidden laboratory for himself in the ruins to the east of Edge."

Rufus paused. "If you see nothing, you may want to search for an underground shelter. The man was never quite the same after witnessing Meteor..."

Cloud nodded and turned around, about to step out.

Tseng decided to finally speak up again. "Before you go Mr. Strife, you may be interested in what I have to say."

Cloud stopped in his tracks at what he heard. "Mr. President, with the knowledge we've gained we may be able to intercept the Seraphs here and start to push them back. I know you're more familiar with the patterns they have been following in their destruction so far. If possible we may be able to launch a defense against them at their next stop."

The creature began to pick at his mind and provided the image of the exact location of where the underground lab entrance was. "Marcus...Marcus...the traitor. The creator is human...humans are the betrayer...Such imperfection...All will be perfected once again." The creature spoke so clearly that it sounded like it was standing right next to him.

"Pursue it," Rufus told Tseng curtly. "Use all the resources at your disposal. Mounting a defense when they least expect it may buy Cloud enough time to find what we need. He is of more use to us in finding a cure, is he not?" Rufus looked at Tseng, then Reno and Rude, meaningfully.

Rude nodded.

"But!" Rufus interjected. "Leave no trail so that they may get the upper hand again. This is a covert operation, and it will stay that way, understood?"

"Wait a minute..." Cloud spoke up, turning around once again to face Rufus. "Finding the notes is important, but nobody would know more information than those things themselves." Cloud pushes his hair out of his face and continues. "I won't be any help once those notes are being looked at. I'll find the notes today, and then go join in the fight tomorrow."

"Hmph. Ever the hero... Cloud." Rufus turned his attention back to his guest. "You'll be plenty of help while you're out there -- his lab is bound to be a hotbed of Seraphs. Since you'll be facing resistance, I'll give you... two days to return before we assume the worst." Rufus smiled as if he was being generous.

Reno's eye twitched. Damn, that was harsh. But Rufus wasn't unnecessarily cruel, which led Reno to the only conclusion he could possibly entertain: Rufus believed Cloud could do it. Well, he'd saved the world several times over, now... Reno sighed. It was out of his hands -- less stress to just leave it in faith with Cloud.

"Tch," Cloud clicked his tongue and turned to make his way out once again. "Reno... I'll see you tomorrow after I've found those notes." He spoke spitefully. Cloud didn't know why, but he felt like he knew exactly where the lab was located. He started to make his way out of the room.

Reno held back a shudder. "Y-yeah..."

"Remember -- time is of the essence. Especially yours... Cloud." Rufus' voice could be heard.

Cloud pauses for a moment as he takes in what Rufus said before leaving completely.

Tseng watched him leave before turning to Reno. "Reno, you, Rude and Elena will be going with me on this operation.
I'm going to stay here with the President for a little while longer to discuss where we think the next attack will occur. After that, I will go inform Elena of our mission."

"Elena's alone?" Reno blurted out, sensing Rude asking the same question with his body language. "I thought you said we had t' move together? I figured she'd be here with you?"

Rufus, too, gave Tseng a questioning look.

Tseng nodded. "I can't say I have any excuses for this. Someone had to come here to speak with Rufus, but it was also necessary to get the word out to the other Turks. I'll make it my priority to find her immediately." Tseng bowed in apology.

Wouldn't that be moving alone? Reno was tempted to say, but he could see Tseng wasn't in the mood. "Alright," he agreed. "We'll meet up later. Let us know when you've found her, unless you want us to go get her instead?"

Tseng shook his head. "It was my mistake. I don't expect anyone else to correct it." He looked back to Rufus. "Sir, I believe that it is important we have a discussion about our mission. When would you like to discuss this?"

"As soon as possible," Rufus answered without hesitation. "However, judging from your report, Tseng, Reno has actually engaged one of these Seraphs in battle. I would very much like to have everyone present for his report, as it should influence our next move significantly, don't you think?"

Tseng pondered for a second and nodded. "You are correct, Mr. President. In that case, shall we gather everyone early tomorrow so we may all be present for Reno's report? We can then use that to help determine our strategy."

Rufus closed his eyes. "Mn. It is late. Tomorrow will have to do."

"Wait!" Reno blurted out.

Tseng turned his head quickly in surprise at Reno's outburst. "Yes, Reno?" Tseng asked sharply. To cause a riot like that in front of the President of all things.

"Y' don' mean here, do ya?" Reno asked nervously. Rufus looked at him hard, a look that squeezed for answers.

Tseng's face turns curious. "Oh? Was there somewhere else you had in mind, Reno?"

"Boss, this place might have known ties to ShinRa," Reno replied. "You just found a corpse in a ShinRa warehouse."

"We shouldn't all be together in an obvious location," Rufus finished Reno's thought. "We'd be a rather easy target, wouldn't we?" He smirked. "So where else did you have in mind?"

"Er... " Reno rubbed the back of his neck. He hadn't exactly thought of that part, yet. "Well, somewhere that's pretty much the opposite of ShinRa. Like, the epitome of anti-ShinRa, even."

Tseng brought his hand to his chin to think on it for a moment. "A place that is anti-ShinRa... I wonder..." Tseng continued to ponder on the thought.

Rufus glanced at his senior Turk before growing very serious. "What about the rubble about Sector 7?" His gaze swept over to Reno and Rude.

Reno cringed. The thought had crossed his mind. "That's... a pretty good one."

Reno still had nightmares about that place and hated it with a passion. But business was business. It all came down to what Tseng thought, and he waited with baited breath.

"The crumbled grave of AVALANCHE... Not only anti-ShinRa but also barren. Nobody would be looking for us there. This may be the best plan of action." Tseng nodded his head. "That is of course..." The Turk leader turned to Reno. "..if going there won't surface any guilt from someone here."

"It's fine," Reno said gruffly with bravado.

Rufus eyed the redhead for a moment more before accepting his answer. "Sector 7 it is, then."

Tseng brought his attention back to Rufus, bowing to him respectfully. "Well with that decided, if you don't mind Mr. President, I must go find Elena."

Rufus nodded. "Please. And, Tseng, if we'll be moving, I'll need an escort as well," he reminded his subordinate.

"I'll make sure to pick you up personally before the meeting, sir," Tseng assured his boss before standing upright once again.

"You are dismissed."

Tseng bowed his head lightly once more before excusing himself from the room.

Reno and his partner followed suit.

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Sep. 28th, 2011 07:54 pm
shinra_dog: (glare)
The ambiance of the street lights along the road move passed Tseng as he drove along on his way back home from the lab. Such a long night, but it was still dark out. He could still manage to go home and get some rest.

Elena had gotten up early that morning to prepare herself for work. She knew what she had to do today, but it wasn't very thrilling. She hadn't heard anything from anyone yet so doesn't know about the new situation that happened over night. After checking and double checking herself to make sure she was ready to work, she began to head out to her car and drive out to the main building.

She went to clock in and begin her rounds to the warehouse to make sure everything is in order and secure. She had even seen looters with her own eyes try and steal supplies from the warehouses, so extra protection has become required for these places. If the emergency supplies run around, then what would happen then?

She was afraid to find out, but her job wasn't to worry.

She went to the main warehouse to find everything looked as if they should be except something was missing. "Damn it Reno." She knew he was here to make sure all the warehouses were locked and secure before clocking out. She walked over to the door and found that the door handle was bent to it. 'Someone must of broken in over night' she wasn't sure if these looters were still in here so as a precaution, she pulled out a pistol and held it up as she pushed open the door.

She pushed open the door and looked inside. It was so dark in here, even when the sunlight flooded into the room. She listened as she walked deeper into the warehouse. It had a rotting smell in the air of the warehouse. She felt a bit sick to her stomach, but kept herself composed as she searched for a light source.

Once she found the light switch, she turned it on to light up the area. She let out a gasp and lifted up her gun pointing forward when she saw something that was one of the most disturbing things she has ever seen.

There was a man hanging from the ceiling by his wrists and neck by chains. The man's ankles were held together by a chain that looked like it must of cut off circulation to the victim judging by the color of the skin of the feet. The man's arms were spread out and the man's head was facing up towards the ceiling. Blood dripped freely from the man's body's open wounds that covered his body. Many were small wounds, but there were several deep gashes on his sides and chest.

There was blood wiped on the wall behind the man. It looked like they were...wings? That's the best she could make by the drawings. They looked to be still wet as blood still dripped freely from the disturbing art.

She struggled to reach a hand into her pocket to pull out her phone to put Tseng's number on speed dial. She slowly put it up to her ear waiting for an answer.

Tseng was practically falling asleep at the wheel as he drove. He couldn't wait to get to bed. His phone began to ring. Tseng let out a sigh, maybe he'd take the day off tomorrow to sleep. He reached into his pocket and opened it up as he put it up to his ear, "This is Tseng."

Elena heard Tseng answer the phone, but was silent as she fought to speak, ".....This is Elena, sir. I went to scout the main warehouse and there is a problem." She found it hard enough to speak as it is. She felt like there were eyes on her, but she couldn't see anything else in the warehouse with her.

Tseng could hear the hesitation in Elena's voice, something big was up. "Elaborate Elena, what's the problem?" He asks her, maintaining his composure. He had already begun to slow his car down, ready to turn around and make a dash to the Warehouse to rendezvous.

Elena continued not at all sure how to really 'explain' what she was seeing, "There is a dead body in here...It is an obvious murder case.." She saw something move in the corner of her eye by some stacked up crates. She pointed her gun towards it dropping her phone to the ground, but nothing seemed to be there.

A dead body? He didn't hear anything more than that so he may have been jumping to conclusions but could it be? Suddenly, Tseng here's a large clacking sound come over the phone, "Elena?" ....No answer. "Elena!" After another moment of her not responding he shuts his phone. Tseng does a rather reckless u-turn in the middle of the road and hits the gas back down the street.

Elena wouldn't normally be afraid of this sort of situation, but she couldn't see what could have done this. It was not a scene she has seen before even relatively close. She advanced cautiously as she made her way to the crates. She leaned against them before holding her breath and pointing her gun around the corner jumping out. To her surprise, a rather large rat began to run off at the sight of her. She let out a heavy sigh and lowered her gun feeling a sense of relief hit her.

Tseng's car made an abrupt screeching sound as it pulled into the warehouse parking lot, not wasting time finding an appropriate place to park. Tseng popped open the door to his car and ran out, his pistol already prepped for battle he charged towards the entrance of the building.

Elena watched the rat run off before turning around to head back to where she was standing. She looked down at her phone that had the battery popped out of the phone. She made an annoyed noise as she bent down and began to pick up the phone and the battery to put it all back together.

Tseng carefully inched open the door leading into the warehouse. He couldn't risk being too careful if what Elena had run into was really a Seraph. Tseng poked his head out only the amount necessary to see around the corner. The coast appeared to be clear as he walked in, pointing his gun around according to his sight. He wanted to call Elena's name out to see if he could locate her, but he knew with a Seraph potentially running around that could be dangerous.

Elena heard the noise of the door opening and she stood up onto her feet putting her phone away before putting both hands on her gun. She had to be cautious in case the murderer decided to come back. She began to cautiously make her way back towards the door. She leaned against a stack of crates that was on the opposite side of the front door of the warehouse. She could practically hear her heart beat in her ears as she tried to listen to whoever it was coming into the warehouse.

Tseng could make out the smell of death in the air. Hopefully this stench was from the body Elena mentioned earlier and not Elena herself. Tseng was using the boxes to cover his back as he made his way deeper into the warehouse. It was going to be troublesome to find her in this huge building without any sort of auditory communication.

Elena peeked out every now and then, but didn't see anything. She can however see a shadow on the wall. She knew defiantly there was a person in here. She peeked out the side of the crates and spoke to see if the person would respond, "Who's there?" She demanded.

Tseng was about to come around the corner when he heard a voice ask, "Who's there?" That voice, it sounded like Elena. Tseng felt a little tense, not completely sure of the tricks that Dark Seraphs could play. He chose to risk it, "Elena? Is that you?" Tseng finally returns a response to her.

Elena heard the voice and lowered her gun recognizing it, "Tseng?" She felt a sense of relief when she heard his voice. She walked out from around the crates to show herself. She could easily assume no one else is here besides them.

"Elena.. So then everything is ok." Tseng comments, overcome with a feeling of relief; though, it was odd. His relief didn't seem to come from the feeling of security that it was not the enemy. Regardless, Tseng takes no time to put his gun away. it seemed like there was no reason for alarm at this time.

Elena did the same with her gun seeing no use for it, "Yes, sir. No one else seems to be here. The blood seems fresh though..." She wasn't sure where the suspects would be at this time, but it was clear they shouldn't be that far away. She however, was expecting the suspects to be human.

Tseng pulls his phone out of his pocket, "Elena, I'd like to see the body." He begins to dial a number in his phone. It was important he confirmed what it was that had actually occurred.

Elena nodded and began to lead him out to the next room to where she saw the body. She found it a bit even more eerie that someone would take the time to use the victim's own blood for 'art', "Tseng, the body is here."

It didn't take long for Tseng to notice the 'creative' way the body was massacred. The wing design, there was no doubt it was symbolic. Somebody finally picks up, "This is Tseng. We need a cleanup crew here at the main warehouse." There is a pause for a moment, "No, the body must be completely disposed of. This is critical." Tseng explains to the person on the other side. After a few more exchanges of words Tseng finally hangs up. "Elena, it's important that we keep watch over this body for the moment," Tseng tells her, still looking at the body.

Elena looked over at Tseng and responds, "Okay..." She had a thought that this body wasn't going to go anywhere, but wasn't going to question him. She started to look around for any sign of where the person must of gone off too, but can't even see a foot print. She can't understand how someone could walk away without getting their shoes in the blood. There would have to be fingerprints on the chains, there just have too.

Tseng closes his phone up and makes his way over to a stack of crates to get comfortable against. He glances over to Elena who seemed to be working hard to find any trace of the culprit. "Elena. Have you heard at all of the Dark Seraphs?" Tseng strikes up a conversation.

Elena broke her gaze from the scene to look over at him a bit confused, "No, I haven't heard anything of that name before. Is this some kind of cult or organization?" She questioned.

Elena's innocence of the matter came of no particular surprise to Tseng. "No, this would be dealing with something a bit more..supernatural." Tseng takes another look up at the gruesome corpse they were guarding. "The Dark Seraphs are a group of parasitic beings which can take control of Human bodies," he explains.

Elena's eyes widen a bit in surprise to hear this, "How is this possible? Our science department hasn't been in full use in some time now. How could these beings suddenly appear as if from no where?"

Tseng's gaze returns to Elena, "I can't say for sure." Tseng releases a melancholy sigh, "This seems to be the case though. I was just with Reno who had an encounter similar to this. These monsters are indescribably dangerous."

Elena hearing about Reno wasn't sure if Reno was capable of taking one of these guys down, "If Reno was capable of destroying one, they can't be all bad right?"

Tseng hadn't thought before speaking. Elena was trustworthy, but it wouldn't be wise to let the information he knew leak out too far. "Reno may have had some help in the matter. Either way, it's not wise to take these monsters lightly." Tseng warns her.

Elena knew something serious must of happened if he wouldn't tell her all the information. It was too vague, "I understand. I will keep that in mind." She looked to the body that freshly dripped with blood. She could see the wings have nearly dried already. She wasn't sure what exactly these creatures are, but she will do what she can if the job calls for her too.

She froze when another male voice suddenly spoke up from within the warehouse, "Whew! I think he has really out did himself. His art has gotten a lot better!" The person's voice seemed to be behind some crates in the other room. She felt an ill feeling hit her once again.

Tseng's eyes narrowed at the sound of a new voice arising in the warehouse. It seemed to be referring to the corpse they were protecting. Was it talking to them or was this a conversation they were overhearing? Tseng remained still waiting to see which it was.

Elena moved herself closer to the crates to keep herself hidden from whoever it was speaking. She leaned her back as far as she could against them. The voice seemed to get closer as it spoke, "Agh..can't believe we have to do the dirty work." It jumped right on top of the crates, but from the angle from the height of the crates he couldn't see them. It was crouched down on top of the crates as it looked at the hanging body from the ceiling. The wings were well developed and were at least 8 ft wing span on each wing. The creature looked to be of a teenager age before the host died.

Elena slowly began to pull her gun out of the holster.

Tseng put his hand over Elena's to try and signal her to hold her fire. This was a perfect chance to spy a bit on their enemy. Not to mention he felt it would be a bad idea to immediately engage an enemy they weren't familiar with.

The dark seraph let out a heavy sigh and slid down the back of the crates. Elena could hear the scrapping noises going down the crates. Claws? She wasn't exactly sure. The creature spoke once more, "As soon as the ones protecting this city has been killed or at least should create a stir for the people least this scene will stir up some question and maybe some panic. Agh, I don't see why we just can't kill them all now. There are plenty of us." Elena wasn't sure if it was just talking to itself or another one of those things. She kept her gun lowered and listened to the conversation the creature was having.

The creature walked over to a crate and Elena could actually hear the strength the creature had pulled the seal crate open. She wasn't sure how that was possible. She was beginning to see what Tseng was talking about. The creature laughed, "These humans are already struggling. They may struggle even further when they find one of their trading cities have been destroyed." It slammed the crate closed and kicked it. It hit the crates Elena was up against and she let out a gasp at the surprise feeling the crate suddenly push her forward a bit. She quickly put a hand up to her mouth.

Tseng jumps a bit seeing Elena start to gasp. Just as she was catching herself he places a hand on her back to steady her and lightly cuffs his other hand over her mouth to make sure the noise was muffled. Upon making sure Elena had gotten a hold of herself again his eyes shift back in the direction the Seraph was speaking from.

The dark seraph seemed to go silent. Elena wondered if the creature actually heard her. She wasn't sure if they had sensitive hearing as well.
She could hear the creature start to chuckle. The chuckle was so sinister that it sent a chill down Elena's spine. She wasn't sure what they were going to do if the creature knows they are there.

The creature spoke, "Seems as if someone has found the body already...the clean up crew has arrived...It pains me to leave without causing at least one human death, but those were orders." He sighed. Elena could hear complete silence then. She wasn't sure how the creature would escape without anyone noticing. She didn't dare take the risk to peek around the crates to see if it was truly gone.

Only moments after the Seraph had appeared to leave the loud sound of footsteps and mechanical equipment could be heard noisely echoing through the warehouse. Tseng sighed and brushed himself off, "It would appear we were lucky today." he says aloud, making his way back towards the body.

Elena removed her hand from her mouth and put her gun away, "Yes, but...they plan to destroy all of midgar? One of our allies we were trading with is destroyed?" She hasn't heard anything like that yet. She wondered what else she didn't know about no one is telling her.

Tseng stares up towards the ceiling momentarily. "One of our allies... I wonder?" He begins to ponder who it might be. It seems the Seraphs plan to choke Midgar's population by cutting off its outside supplies. They seem too calculated to be that feral. "I need to talk with the President." Tseng mentions out loud.

Elena listened as people began to start coming into the warehouse. She looked to Tseng and bowed her head a bit, "May I be excused sir? I need to get to the other locations to make sure all of the other supplies is safe." She just hoped there weren't going to be anymore bodies.

Tseng returns his attention to Elena. "Yes you may; however, with there already being two encounters with these Seraphs today it's too dangerous for all of us to be moving separately. I'm going to be visiting the President now, so I need you to call all the other Turks and notify them of their new orders. All Turks must travel in groups until otherwise noted." Tseng turns towards the exit. "Also make sure to tell them they must be on call. I will likely need to speak to a few of you after my meeting. I won't be long." Tseng trails off as he makes his way out of the now populated warehouse.

Day Three

Sep. 7th, 2011 01:19 pm
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Reno stretched as he exited the garage, then let his arms fall to his sides with a sigh. Decontaminating the lab was long and hard, not to mention thankless and frustrating. He was glad for Sam's help, though. Tseng's "supervisory" role would have been much less tolerable without it. Now, however, with the morning sun hitting his bare skin, smelling like bleach and attracting stares, Reno just wanted to get back to his apartment and shower.

Tseng steps out from the building behind Reno. The sun didn't seem to effect him much, but of course since his eyes were already closed it was a bit difficult to tell. "Good work today.. Ah Reno, you may want to get home and take a shower by the way, you reak of bleach." Tseng suggests as he starts to walk towards his expensive black car.

Sam tried not to breathe through her nose as it would burn if she were to inhale through it. The enhanced sense didn't help very much. She was relieved to be finished so she could exit out through the garage to have a breath of fresh air. She didn't feel she should be involved with their conversation, so went on ahead.

Reno's eye twitched. "Thanks, Tseng. I'll take that into consideration," he said sarcastically, as if he needed the outside suggestion. He slung his leg over his bike and straddled it, grumbling to his helmet which wouldn't fire him for the things he said. "You sure you don't need a ride anywhere?" he asked Sam. "Sun's up."

Sam knew it wouldn't be a good idea to travel now the way she got here now that the sun is up. She wasn't sure where she was going to go. She really had no destination in mind. A thought came to mind and she responds, "I left something back at your place. I need to go back and get it."

Yuffie stifled a yawn with her purple glove. Wouldn't do her any good if she were discovered. That defeated the purpose of "sneaking around." Actually, she was sneaking around with a purpose this time. There have been rumors recently circulating around about a potential "new crisis" threatening the Planet. Not many people within the WRO knew about it; they were only rumours. However, Reeve didn't want to take any chances, and so he sent Yuffie to investigate.  Thus why she found herself hiding in the bushes next to this suspicious-looking building. She was quietly listening for people coming and going, and hoping that they dropped verbal hints as they entered and exited the building, but so far it had been pretty boring. No one had really left or entered, and she'd been there for quite some time. Stifling another yawn, Yuffie slumped over as she battled sleep. As soon as she decided to close her eyes (but only for a moment), she heard something that definitely caught her interest. The doors had swished open quietly, and voices could now be heard. Opening her eyes again, Yuffie sat up at listened to the oddly familiar voices as they continued speaking.

"Oh... yeah, I guess you did," Reno was answering Sam. He wasn't even thinking about that before, he'd left in such a hurry. He only noticed now that he wasn't completely preoccupied that she wasn't wearing anything over her small shirt. Small, white, soaked shirt.... Focus, Reno, focus! "Um, ya wanna come back with me then? You can use my shower, too, I guess..." he offered awkwardly.

Sam seemed to have a mental battle erupt inside of her mind as she thought about going back. Most of this battle was actually to get on the bike more than anything. She let out a heavy sigh and nodded her head, "Alright...don't drive crazy like you did on the way here...or there will be an accident." She warned him.

Meanwhile, inside the lab, a man who appeared to be a janitor was retrieving data from a small, hidden electronic device in the morgue into what appeared to be a smart phone. Disconnected it and hid it on his cart and went on his way.

Having left his spare helmet across town when Sam declined, Reno offered her his. "Alright, deal. Besides, emergency's kinda over for now, right? Think we can relax for the fifteen minutes or so."

Yuffie frowned as the voices got louder. She could swear that Reno was right around the corner from her. And she thought she could also hear Tseng as well, but he only spoke briefly. The third voice was a woman she didn't recognize.

Sam walked over and took the helmet from him, "Hmm...for a short while, but who knows for how long, I don't know..." She put the helmet over her head and adjusted it to for her size. She has never worn one before, but was smart enough to figure this out. She felt her heart fall though when she actually got onto the bike. She wasn't sure what she was more worried about. Was it to be on a bike or was it that she would be forced to touch his bare skin on the way back. She swallowed hard and couldn't help but turn red a bit as she leaned over, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Can ya breathe okay?" Reno asked over his shoulder. "There's a vent switch right under the visor, should be open for ya already. But once we get goin', if it ain't enough feel free ta' just open up the whole front, I'll block most a' the wind for ya."

Sam listened, but wasn't sure what he meant for a moment till she messed with the helmet for a moment, "oh okay...thanks." She said before situating herself again. She closed her eyes tightly feeling a panic hit her twice as hard when she realized they were about to go.

He had just opened the door to his car and stepped in when Tseng suddenly could hear a faint rustling coming from the bushes nearby. Normally he would brush off such things as an animal, but after the events of tonight it was too suspicious. Among that he also just had a feeling...something was off. He turned around quietly and slowly approached the set of bushes, carefully pulling his materia pistol from his pocket.

Ohdamn! Yuffie thought as she heard the unmistakable click of dress shoes approaching her hiding spot. Perhaps she hadn't been careful enough when she sat up. Cursing herself for not being careful, Yuffie's hand tightened around her Conformer. As soon as Yuffie could see the shoes from between the leaves, she sprang up and swung her over-sized shuriken towards whoever it was that discovered her.

Tseng reacted quickly to the sudden appearance of Yuffie in front of him, pointing his gun toward the giant shuriken coming in his direction. As he shoots in an attempt to deflect the weapon he suddenly remembers that he forgot to swap out the full cure materia he was using earlier. A mist of cure magic futily surrounds the weapon as it comes down and gashes Tseng's knuckles. "Gah!" Tseng yells as he grabs his now bleeding hands.

"What the - ?!" Reno reacted to the sudden threat by shifting his weight -- and the bike's -- suddenly, his left hand going for a weapon. And then he saw Yuffie. "Yuffie? What the hell, man?" he asked. She was a ninja, sure, but this... this he just couldn't take seriously. Though watching Tseng get flustered and hurt, when he was always telling Reno to be prepared no matter what, was pretty amusing.

Sam blinked when she heard him speak and looked out over to who he spoke to. She arched an eyebrow wondering how long that person had been there. She didn't remember walking by her when she walked out of the building, "Who?"

"Tseng!" exclaimed Yuffie as she nearly dropped her weapon. But she was able to keep the large ninja star in her hands as she leaped over the bushes to see how bad Tseng's now bleeding hand was. She wasn't exactly friends with the Turks, but after their help the past few years, she was much more willing to trust them. "I'm sorry," she exclaimed while attempting to cure the wound. It wasn't that bad, but she still instinctively felt bad for cutting the man's hand. "Are you alright," she asked, purposefully ignoring Reno.

Tseng rolled his wrist a few times upon his hands being cured. It didn't hurt too badly, it was more the surprise of them getting hit that got to him. "Yes, they're fine," Tseng assures her, he finally examines who it was that had attacked him. "You.. You're that girl from the WRO. Yuffie it is correct?" He asked her. You would think he would remember Yuffie better than that.

"Yuffie," Reno repeated for Sam's sake, and began to explain. "You remember Cloud? She's one a' his buddies. Works with the World Regenesis Organization now." He then turned to the ninja in question. "What're you doin' here, hidin' in the bushes? Shouldn't you be with Reeve or somethin'?"

Yuffie stood straight and saluted the senior Turk with a wink. "Yuffie Kisaragi, White Rose of Wutai, at your service." Then to Reno, Yuffie stuck out her tongue. "I was doing some recon work for Reeve, if you really need to know. Which reminds me, why are two Turks doing at a place like this," Yuffie asked while crossing her arms, a serious look befalling her face. It was time to get to work.

Sam kept silent, but listened closely. She was curious to know what was going on. Like she needed to hear more panic going on around here.

Tseng reached down to pick his pistol up from the ground. As he returns upright he replies to her, "Business of the Turks and Shinra are none of the WRO's concern." He opens up the casing of his gun to replace the materia inside. "Curious that Reeve is sending his patrols around Shinra premise though. I'll be sure to have the President remind Reeve of the WRO's agreement." Tseng might have been a little grumpy over his recent embarrassment.

Yuffie's eyes narrowed at Tseng's quiet threat. She didn't like anyone talking about her boss like that. "Like hell it isn't the WRO's concern. I'm sure you've heard the rumours, and I wouldn't be surprised if you all were involved with it some how. When it comes to the Planet's well-being, the WRO is top priority. What business you have becomes the WRO's in regards to Gaia." spat the young ninja. "I'll ask again, what business do two Turks have at a building like this?"

"Whoa there, li'l philly, calm down," Reno cut in. "Before everyone starts pointin' fingers, can we just take a step back here?" He looked between Tseng and Yuffie for a second, nearly feeling the electricity between them. "Look, Yuff, we're investigatin' the rumors too, just like you. That's it. People start gettin' sick and seein' strange shit, you think we're really gonna stand back an' not do anythin'?" He paused for emphasis, eyebrows raised, as if to say That's stupid. "So relax, alright?"

The irate ninja's fist came down on Reno's head. "Philly," she repeated angrily. "Don't call me that!" Yuffie crossed her arms indignantly as she let Reno's words sink in. It did kind of make sense, though, what he was saying. Don't ever tell Reno she said that, even if it was only in her brain. "Fine," she muttered finally. "Tseng needs to get the stick out of his ass, though," she coughed out.

"At least we agree on one thing," Reno grumbled softly as he rubbed his head. All this bruising was not fun. Reno was starting to feel rather like a human pinata, which meant he was taking damage, which usually went along with losing. And he didn't like losing.

"So, Turkey, are you going to fill me in on what you know? It's better if we work together to figure this out," Yuffie said seriously.

Sam let out a heavy sigh having relaxed a bit from the stress of being on the bike, but now a new stress arose, but it was none of her concern. She just wanted to be somewhere at least quiet for a bit to relax. No where seemed to be good for that.

Reno glanced at Tseng, one eyebrow raised. Should we? Here, now? Ever? It made sense... but on the other hand, Turks worked alone. Habit, maybe, but tradition.

Tseng finally returned his pistol to his pockets. "There's only so much we can disclose without permission from someone hire. All I can tell you is we've begun to discover the true threat these Dark Seraphs stand. They multiply using human bodies and are considerably powerful." Tseng turns himself back towards his car.

The young ninja pouted a little. That couldn't be the only information they could tell her. She already knew all of this. She was hoping that the Turks, given their influence, would know a little more about what was going on. Yuffie turned to Reno, hoping he would be a bit looser with information than his comrade. "That can't be everything," she said with a silent plea for more info.

Reno shrugged. "Sorry -- that's pretty much it." Pretty much. "Look, I gotta get back to my apartment, I reek of bleach in case ya hadn't noticed. Love t' chat, but can't, so - " He keyed up the bike and revved it, drowning out anything else she might say. If she decided to take the hint and seek him out later, somewhere more private, then maybe he'd talk. But for now, he hadn't decided. Business was business, after all.

Sam felt that sudden fear hit her again. She winced a bit at the noise as the engine roared to life. She re-closed her eyes and subconsciously tightened her grip on him.

Indignantly, she huffed a loud sigh as Reno conveniently revved his engine. Yuffie wasn't satisfied with Reno's answer. She'd just find him later and get more answers from him. There was no way she would give up! Those Turkeys knew so much more than what they were letting on, and as a member of the WRO, it was Yuffie's duty to find out what they knew. She was the head of the espionage and intelligence gathering department, after all.

"If we're done here, then I shall be departing now. Oh, by the way.." Tseng stops for a second and turns the top half of his body slightly, "Ms. Kisaragi, I would suggest you be more careful traveling on your own with these monsters wandering the streets." The Turk leader then proceeds to returning to his car, elegantly taking the driver's seat and starting his ignition.

Yuffie sneered at the dark haired man. "Thanks for the concern, but I think I can take care of myself," she said with a little venom. Geez, first they completely ignore her request for information, then they decide to question her abilities as a ninja...She was seriously close to roasting these Turkeys for an early lunch. But she still needed information from them, so she decided to pay them back later.

Reno nodded his farewell to Yuffie as well, and with a quick boot to the kickstand, rolled out of the driveway and onto the street, the distance growing every second.


Sep. 6th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Reno leaned against the wall and tried to support the injured Sam. He hated to ask for help -- if only because he dreaded the response -- but it was a necessary gauntlet he'd just have to run. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Tseng's number, gritting his teeth in expectation of his superior's mood to be interrupted at 4 in the morning.  The phone was answered with surprising haste. "Reno, I'm glad you called. We've received word of a problem down at the lab. I was just about to ask you to find Rude and go investigate it. Oh..was there something you called me about?" Tseng had the courtesy to actually ask him.

"Ah... yeah, Boss," Reno answered with saccharine sweetness. "I'm actually already here... An' "problem" is a bit of an understatement, yo."

Sam was a bit distracted in her own thoughts to actually listen to the phone call. She moved away to stand up on her own and walked over to the mess in the room that resembled where the creature used to be. She partially wished it could of finished her, so she wouldn't exactly be breaking a promise if something or someone else killed her, but deep inside her she knew that would be doing the same thing if she allowed it. She placed a hand over her head feeling her eyes began to burn as tears swelled up in her eyes. She was sort of glad the sprinklers went off and soaked them to the bone, so it wasn't so obvious.

"Hm.. I see. Clearly this matter can't be trusted to lower hands. I must oversee this cleanup myself. I shall be over there with a crew shortly." Tseng hangs up the phone with not as much as a goodbye to his subordinate.

"Goodbye to you, too," Reno murmured to the silent phone as he replaced it in his inner pocket. He was relieved, though, that he didn't have to answer any invasive questions -- for example, the presence of General Dragonfire, bodies exploding, et cetera. Tseng could find out when he got here, and then Reno could at least try to stop him from causing a scene.  As an afterthought, though, he hurriedly texted back, "Handled situation. Come alone, need-to-know info lvl here."  He hoped that would at least minimize the crew who'd see Yagasaki in all her alive-and-scapegoated glory.

Sam wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and looked at the body of the man the dark seraph had attacked. She walked over to him and knelt down to roll the man onto his back. She went to see if any pulse was left in him, but could not find any. It was expected, but she couldn't help, but to have memories pop into her mind that made her start crying again this time it was obvious. She closed her eyes to try to keep the tears from rolling, but they came anyway.

Reno heard a sniffle and glanced at Sam. "You okay?" He took a few steps toward her before asking, confused, "Are you crying?"

Sam's eyes widen when she heard Reno speak to her. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve. She responds, "No, I'm not crying. I'm soaking wet and a lot of water is coming down from my bangs." She said as an excuse as she stood up off the ground.

"I hope this is good Reno." Tseng's voice could be heard firmly from behind Reno. "It's not often that I break protocol like this, but I came alone as you requested," the Turk boss continues as he steps towards the two of them casually, a hands buried in his pockets.

Reno wasn't sure if she was lying or not, but was relieved he didn't have to figure it out. "Alright then," he answered and left her alone to check on Shana. He felt a little guilty, but he wasn't the best one to deal with criers. When he heard Tseng, though, he jumped a mile high.

"Geez, Tseng!" he gasped. Taking a deep breath, he noticed it was true, the other man was alone. "Well, it's worth it. Better the fewer people exposed t' this -- for soooo many reasons." He shook his head. "Anyway, first things first. Gotta get him - " he gestured to the night guard's corpse, "to the incinerator, and gotta get them --" Shana and Sam's shadowy figure, "to Healin."

Before Tseng had time to get even more angry, Reno assured him, "We'll explain on the way, promise. But this is time-sensitive, 'kay?"

Sam hearing the new voice, immediantly turned to his direction. She wasn't sure if he was an enemy or not, but seeing no gun pointed at her she found as a good sign.

Tseng's eyes shift around to meet everyone in which Reno was pointing to. He stops at Sam specifically for a moment before his eyes shut in thought. Tseng slowly pulls one of his hands out of his pocket holding a pistol in which he points directly at the girl. "Reno, I trust you know who that one is, correct?" He asks with a serious tone to his voice.

Reno winced. Should have seen that coming. It was Tseng after all. Now the question was to be honest or not -- his job hung on the line, and Tseng could almost always tell when he was lying. "She saved my life," he answered instead, all seriousness. It was the truth, after all, and it saved him from explaining at least for a little while longer. "She's not going anywhere in that state; we'll deal with it later."

Sam seeing the gun pointed at her lost all the confusion in her expression. An inhuman growl erupted up from her throat. She kept her distance and her mouth shut as she watched his movements. She hoped he would listen to Reno or she may have trouble leaving this city safely.

Tseng's eyes open once again and make contact with Reno as he gives his explanation. "That's all I need to know," Tseng mutters before his finger pulls on the trigger, a loud bang exploding from the gun. It was not a bullet which left the nozzle though, but a mist of intensely powerful cure magic. Tseng without a word quickly turned and fired the same spell at Shana. "Reno trusts you, that's all I need," Tseng says without as much as turning back to the two of them.

Reno's heart stopped for a moment when he'd heard the gun go off. He thought for sure one of them would end up dead - Sam by getting shot, or Tseng for having missed such a mark as her. When he saw he'd cast Fullcure instead, he let out the breath he'd forgotten he was holding. "Thanks," he said, not about to question why Tseng just ignored every dossier and wanted poster for Yagasaki.

Sam winced hearing the gun shot as it hurt her ears. She blinked wondering why a bullet hasnt come to her yet till she looked down at herself feeling her wound didn't hurt anymore. She was as much surprised as Reno was. She lifted up her head to watch Tseng and spoke up, "Thank you."

Tseng returned his gun to his pocket. He began to step over to the mangled security guard on the floor, careful not to get his shoes bloodied by the corpse, "Now Reno, care to explain exactly the cause of this?"

"They're called Dark Seraphs, sir," Reno answered. "They infect and then use the body as a host, eventually ending in hostile take-over." He nodded to the guard. "He might not be long in comin' back zombielicious soon, himself. Got ripped apart by that case we brought in the other day. It musta' got out somehow."

Sam wasn't sure if she should interupt their conversation, but hearing Reno's explaination she couldn't help herself, "It will take three days to a full week before the body will actually become one of those if the body is infected. I would not take any chances however since the man is long gone. Unless you want another incident or worse to happen then I suggest you take care of this one PROPERLY." She said with a hint of annoyance in her tone.

"Dark Seraph..." Tseng whispers to himself as if in recollection. He's quickly pulled out of his trance by Sam's request. "With every intention," Tseng replies to her before turning the dirty work over to Reno, "Reno, this body must be disposed of immediately. We must not let anyone else know of this, especially the research department." Of course he still had to cover his ass from the other sects of the organization.

"Of course," Reno agreed. To keeping everything a secret, of course. He was still a bit miffed about having to carry the bloody mess to the incinerator himself. "Best get gloves," he murmured, checking himself to see if he still had a pair of "don't leave fingerprints on the scene" gloves on him. He kind of hoped Sam would offer to help, but he figured she'd probably be busy with Tseng for awhile.

Sam watched Reno for a moment before bringing her attention to the other mess in the research area. She was curious to know what else they held. She hoped she wouldn't find any bodies that would potentionally changed into one of those creatures. She began to walk off to follow the trail of blood to lead her to a broken down door. She assumed that was the best bet to where the creature escaped from. She walked in to turn on the light switch on the wall.

Tseng slowly made his way over to the unconcious Shana, he slowly slings her over his shoulder unable to just leave her on the ground like that. He then makes his way over to the lab room in which Sam went to investigate. While Reno did have faith in this girl, Tseng couldn't just let her have free roam around the facility.

Sam didn't pay attention to Tseng as she walked over the door remains to have a look inside. She could see the blood on the lab table assuming thats where the body was before it changed. She wondered if they had a chance to do anything with the body at all. She would hate to think they would figure out how to actually use the infection as a weapon to their liking in the future. She began to pull open drawers to have a look to see if any blood was taken from the subject at all or anything like tissue or something. She could sense someone entering the room, but didn't turn to look.

In the meantime, Reno had gloved up and was dragging the body toward one of the many industrial incinerators in the building, grumbling all the way. "Ew ew ew..." Those gloves would have to be thrown out, he reasoned, for safety. A shame, since he really liked them. He made mental notes to clean up the blood trail left, too. Getting the body *into* the incinerator proved to be the big chore, though. Reno hefted him up as best he could, grimacing as the body pressed against him, and shoved him into the small door. It wasn't exactly body-sized, proving to be even more disgusting. Tseng knew, Reno thought bitterly. He had to.

Shana, on the other hand, was now semi-conscious from the Fullheal, but was still pretty tired. She could tell she was being carried... rather uncomfortably... but other than that, not too much was clear. "Mmm...?"

Tseng walked into the mess of a room, disinterested in anything specifically in the room since he had to keep an eye on Sam.

Sam let out a heavy sigh not finding anything that made sense to her. She turned around to see Tseng in the room with the woman wondering who she really is, but wasn't going to ask right at this second. She gave him a slight glare wondering if he was stalking her to see what she was doing. "Do you need something?"

Tseng turns his head to her to make his reply, "While I have no particular hostilities towards you at this time, I am still the leader of the Turks and in a respectable position of ShinRa. As long as you're on these premises it's my duty to make sure you don't find your way into anything you shouldn't be involved with." Tseng replies to her bluntly without any attempt to hide his intentions.

"Close the freezer," came a soft voice from behind. Shana didn't understand what was going on, and didn't care -- being held upside down was giving her a headache. The others' attention might be drawn to an open square in a wall of small doors -- drawers for cadavers. "You're letting the cold out."

What a waste of power... She'd only left the body out for a second to thaw so she could cut it, and the next thing she knows, there's blood everywhere and her specimen is gone. Wasting more power on top of that, when mako was no longer in use and resources were scarce -- that was a bigger no-no than a strange woman going through drawers of probes, as far as she was concerned.

Sam listened to Tseng and expected that from a Turk or any one from ShinRa to say that. "Of course..." She heard the voice of Shana and was a bit confused at what she was saying. She shut the drawers like the way they were left and began to walk out of the room to get away from Tseng, but stopped just when she passed him, "You better be very careful...or you or someone from ShinRa is going to destroy what's left of this city...You may become one of them one day if your not careful. You may have to be as smart as the rebels and make a fortress underground if you haven't already."

Tseng shuts his eyes before making his retort, "ShinRa has dealt with many problems caused by its own hands in the past. The way things were handled back then may not have been ideal though.. It's not without fault I say this, and I know President Rufus would agree with me that we have made mistakes. Those people taught us the importance of what it means to be human though. It's my job to risk myself for ShinRa and the people of Midgar. If that comes at the cost of my own life then so be it." Tseng finishes his rant.

Sam snorted and continued walking off, " not the only one that has to deal with this problem now." She walked out of the room in search for Reno.

Reno was not happy. Not happy at all. The incinerator roared to life, his nice gloves and blood-covered suit jacket inside it as well. He shivered as he turned to assess the floor damage, shirtless, cold, and wet from the sprinklers. He didn't want to mop up; he just wanted to go home. He leaned back and took a deep breath. "TSENG!" he called down the hall, figuring it would carry in the empty stillness. "FLOOR!" So it might've been a little immature, but he'd earned a moment.

Sam crossed her arms over her chest and paused hearing the shout. She rolled her eyes and followed the shout down the hall till she found the owner of it. She blinked seeing him barechested and was afraid to ask, but did anyway, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Whaddas it look like I'm doin', yo?" he asks her brusquely, hiding another shiver. "I'm cleanin' up contaminants." He glares at the floor, as though it is his mortal enemy. "This, though, I don't know about. Can't burn the floor, yo."

There was something about hospitals and, to a lesser extent, morgues that Gideon couldn't help but enjoy. It had nothing to do with the morbidity or philosophical nature of death. A curiosity, sure, but it he always enjoyed the clean, cutting edge of the enivronment as a representation of progress. As he walked down the practically submerged hallway, flanked by his two bodyguards, one of which held an elegant umbrella over the man, protecting his immaculate appearance from the still drippy sprinklers, he let out a languid sigh as he texted away on his phone.

Sam arched an eyebrow. "Looks like you're stripping to me," she said, but couldn't help to have a look at him for a brief moment. She shivered herself, but not due to coldness and shook her head. "No I suppose not. Gotta bleach it."

"I came here without a shirt t' begin with, remember?" Reno asked dryly, annoyed. "Jacket was all I had, an' now that's gone, too." Women.

Tseng begins to make his way towards Reno's incessantly whiny voice; however, before he could make much progress through the hall he find himself in the presence of Gideon. The Turk leader does the best he can to bow to the man despite Shana hanging over his shoulder. "Mr. Gideon, it's quite the surprise to see you here at this time of the night." He attempts to not draw attention to anything specifically, though it was difficult with the situation he was in.

"Well, my security team got wind of quite a bit of trouble in your labs and given the senstive nature of what's going on here with equipment supplied by my company, I figured I should swing by and see how things are going." He glanced up and put the phone away. "Everything's peachy, I hope."

Sam grinned at Reno's explaination and responds, "Sure...thats the reason why it's gone..." She blinked when she heard a new voice in the area and looked in the direction wondering who that could be.

Reno gingerly pressed the large bruise forming on his chest as he, too, began wandering toward the main hall, curious as to what drew everyone's attention. "Ow..."

Sam placed her hand over his shoulder, "Stop hurting yourself." She joked before walking off to have a look at the new visitors.

"There's no need to worry sir. A power outage merely set the sprinklers off in the facility. I assure you if any major issues occured that you would be immediately informed." Tseng was able to lie calmly to the man through his teeth. Tseng's eyes were suddenly drawn by Reno and Sam's silhouettes appearing behind Gideon. He immediately had a sunken feeling in the pit of his stomach, the situation was already suspicious enough.

Reno stopped in his tracks. If he didn't feel naked before, he did now. "Uh... Yo, Mr. Graves!" Sweatdrop. Big time. "Everythin' okay?" He glanced between him and Tseng, on edge. He could make up a story and lie like a rug, sho'nuf, but he wanted to make sure he got a feel for the story. Had to get it straight, after all.

"So... a power outage caused the sprinklers to turn on," he repeated evenly to Reno. He paused for a beat and adjusted the spectacles that he was known for."I'm a bit curious as to how that exactly would be the case, given I would assume that a facility like this would contain several redudant generators to keep that from being an issue. I mean, you guys are a power company, after all."

Sam looked at the man and noticed his voice sounded familiar, but never did have a look at the guy. It seemed like another Rufus to her. She rolled her eyes at hearing they were a power company.

"With all due respect Mr. Graves, Shinra's dealings in Mako energy have ceased. Unfortunately room for extraneous expenses has been cut short. We must allocate our resources effectively, and this facility is not high priority for us at the moment. I hope you understand." Tseng bows again courteously to the entrepeneur.

Reno merely nods in agreement. Tseng seems to be handling it well for now -- hell, it's Tseng, of course he is. For once, Reno will bite his tongue unless he's asked a direct question. Something this big, he knows to keep his mouth shut.

"I'm curious about something, Mr. Tseng. Why would a man of your rank in the illustrious Turks make an appearance in a low priority complex for a little bit of a flicker of the lights?" The question itself was innocuous and his composure was calm and almost friendly, but there was a certain edge to it.

Sam heard his question and lowered her head hiding a smirk knowing what he was talking about. She never knew she would find any amusement in this conversation.

"We thought there was a fire," Reno blurted out. With the awkward attention on him, he continued, "When the blip came on that the sprinklers were goin' off and the power flickered, we figured there might be an electrical fire. Turks have been reassigned to public security, an' a place like this goin' up in smoke -- with the chemicals here, coulda' exploded, y'know?" Reno paused, feeling pleased with his quick, sensible explanation. "You can tell the urgency of comin' over t' prevent that," he said, gesturing his lack of clothes.

Sam tried her hardest not to burst out laughing at his explaination. She had to advert her eyes to something else like the wall as it seemed more interesting.

Gideon took a deep breath through his nose. "Huh... sure doesn't smell like one... Smells like formaldehyde to me..."

Tseng's eyes narrowed slightly, this man's curiosity was dangerous. It seemed Gideon already knew something was up, at this point it was up to them to make sure the man did not receive any evidence of the events. "Well after all sir, with dampness comes many unpleasant smells. Reno was working quite hard to turn the sprinkler system off since getting here and has gotten quite wet himself. The smells you're experiencing may be eminating from him." Tseng responds tactfully at Reno's expense.

Reno's eye twitched. Sure, pick on the smoker. "Could be," he said through his teeth as pleasantly as possible.

Sam turned her head to look at Reno and her nose cringed a bit at the scent, but it wasn't him she really smelled. He was right, the place did smell like formaldehyde and it smelled bad. She had been trying to avoid smelling through her nose this whole time till now.

Shana desperately held in a laugh at Reno's discomfort.

Gideon paused for a moment, his keen eyes surveying the scene in silence. "Well... I suppose that sounds reasonable. I'll be sure to let my people to not make mountains out of mole hills in the future. I would not rather be dragged out of bed for superfluous reasons." Nodding to his silent guards, he turned around and began to walk away. "Keep up the good work, and... don't burn Reno over the hygiene issue," he said over his shoulder.

Shit, Reno thought, He knows. He knows he knows he knows. He just stood stock still with the stupid smile plastered on his face until Gideon left, though.

Tseng could feel relief surge through his body as Gideon left them without digging any deeper into the situation.

Sam watch the man leave and couldn't help, but to sputter out laughter. She couldn't keep it in anymore. She was waitingf or the man to actually walk into the place to see the blood on the walls and then there would be an issue.

Once Gideon was gone, Reno's face fell into a scowl. "You're an ass, Tseng," he snapped, and turned to find some bleach. Shana snickered into Tseng's shoulder.

Tseng ignored Reno's comment, he hears Shana giggling into his shoulder. "I take it this one is ok now from the sound of it." He lets her down off his shoulder to stand.

Sam turned around to go help out as she was still fighting to stop laughing at the sudden discomfort reno was going through. She spoke through her laughter, "Oh come on Reno, its better then him...finding out...right?"

"Aw, really, Tseng?" Shana lightly laments. "I was almost starting to get used to that."

"Yeah yeah, sure," Reno grumbled over his shoulder at Sam. He knew it was true -- keeping all this under the radar was the most important thing -- but it still bugged him to be thrown under the bus. He stepped around the broken glass of the tainted lab's door and went straight to the sink area for bleach. This is where the body first went nuts; it was as good a place as any to start.

She walked into the room and glanced around again before looking to see what Reno was grabbing, "Now it's going to smell like bleach...I wonder what the explaination would be if he were to come back and ask what the bleach was for."

"It's five in the mornin'. I doubt he'll be showin' up again in the next coupla' minutes," Reno said with certainty. He thought. "We'll just hafta ventilate it... somehow. Whatever, they use bleach all the time in here, of course it's gonna smell like antiseptic. Won't be so bad after awhile." Better than all that formaldehyde, he figured. Sure, that's in a lab plenty, but not as strong as it is now.

Tseng opens his phone momentarily. "5 AM.. In just a couple hours the workers will be back in here. Reno, hurry with that cleanup, we need to get out of here as soon as possible."

Sam pat reno's back before walking out to go find a broom to help sweep all the ash in the middle of the room, "Yeah Reno, hurry up." She joked. She couldn't believe she got herself into this mess in the first place. She told herself she needed to leave, but why won't she listen?

"It would go a lot FASTER if you'd help, Tseng," Reno called pointedly from the other room.

"Don't forget to hire a new night guard, too," Shana said, patting Tseng on the shoulder as she passed him by. She headed for the security office and let herself in through the now-broken door. "I'll do you a favor."

She picked up the phone and recorded a hotline message. "The Graves Laboratory is being used for a continued training seminar for public security officials this morning. It will reopen at eleven a.m. and resume its regularly scheduled work hours tomorrow at six a.m. Thank you." She hung up and sent the computerized call. "I just bought you a few more hours -- don't disappoint me now, sweetheart," she called dryly behind her as she emerged. "I'm going home."

"I would help you Reno; however, someone needs to stand ready in case someone else attempts to find this mess." While Tseng had a lot of respect for the other Turks he had to keep them in line somehow. Tseng shut his eyes as Shana patronizes him. Though she was teasing him he was grateful for her help.

Sam chuckled, but understood Tseng's reason, "Oh you big baby, you just don't want bleach to get on your suit." She spoke out down the hall as she returned to Reno. "I'll help. Just tell me what to do."

Reno's righteous ire died a bit when Sam offered to help. In fact, he was caught a little off-guard, so used to his regular spats with Tseng. "Uh... 'kay. Thanks." He ventured a grin. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

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