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Cloud revved up the engine on his motorcycle. It was his silent way of telling Reno and Rude he was ready to go.

"I don't think you should drive anywhere right now, Strife," Reno said dryly, eying the other man on the motorcycle.  "I mean, ya bit it pretty bad back there... Besides, how ya gonna find Rufus without us, eh? I ain't ridin' double."

He snapped his fingers with a Eureka! look. "Rude can drive us!"

Cloud watched Reno for a moment before he decided to shut his motorcycle down.  He climbed off the vehicle and pressed a button on the console. This caused the compartments on the side of it to open up, one of them holding Cloud's Fusion Sword. He pulled the weapon out of it and slid it into a sling which he wore on his back. "Fine then. Let's go."

Cloud made his way over to the two Turks.

Rude suddenly looked at Reno, his eyebrow raised in muted disbelief.

Reno shrugged helplessly with a smile, but it looked pretty insincere.

Rude let out a resigned sigh and walked off to get his car.

The redhead grinned. "Thanks buddy! I owe ya one!"

A few moments later, Rude pulled up in a shiny, new black SUV.

Yuffie's eyes narrowed as she watched Cloud grab his Fusion Sword and follow the two Turks. So, for reasons unfathomable, Cloud could be trusted with information, but she couldn't? She didn't know if she should be offended by that or not. Yuffie watched as Rude walked off, presumably to get his car, because it was obvious that they were all up to something.  She waited in her inconspicuous location on the roof as Rude's car pulled up. As soon as everyone was in the car, she jumped from her perch and landed flawlessly and with the slightest thump on the roof of the SUV.

"D'ju here that, yo?" Reno asked, cocking his head to the side, his eyebrows knitting together.

Rude glanced up quizzically.

Cloud was leaning his elbow against the back door of the car, resting his cheek on a clenched fist. Reno and Rude were unfamiliar with it, but Cloud had a pretty good idea of what that sound was. He sighed and leaned forward a bit as he reached behind himself. The materia he had placed in his sword from the fight was still there. He plucked it out of the slot, than lowered the window of his door. Cloud then proceeded to hold the materia out the window in plain sight. With materia being so rare nowadays, he knew how irresistible this would be.

"Hm?" Reno noticed Cloud holding a materia out the window in his rear view mirror. "Cloud, what're ya doin'?"

Oh, Yuffie saw the materia Cloud's dirty hand held outside the window. And even better, it was indeed a rare piece of materia. Yuffie had to use all of her willpower to not pluck the rock from his fingers. Curse him. Leviathan curse him for eternity. But somehow she managed to suppress her klepto urges and refrained from grabbing the rare materia.

"I'm fishing for greedy ninja," Cloud replied as he began to toss the materia up and down. "Sure would be a shame if I dropped this materia and lost it on the street," he said loudly.

Rude glanced in the rear view mirror with a 'WTF' eyebrow raise.

"No way..." Reno said slowly, getting the idea. He rolled down his window and pulled the top half of his torso through to take a peek, propping himself up with his elbow.

Curse him! Curse him! CURSE HIM! Cloud was really making this stealth operation significantly harder than it had to be. The only upside to this was that she could now somewhat hear what they were saying in the car since Cloud's window was slightly down.

When she heard the other window roll down, Yuffie cursed to herself and lowered her body onto the back of the car. But she knew she could stay there long, so she maneuvered herself under the car, holding on for dear life. She was so close to the fast-moving ground that she could feel her hair being brushed by the ground every now and then.

Oh well, at least she didn't get caught.

"Hn... " Reno narrowed his eyes. "I coulda' sworn... Well, ain't nothin' up there now."

Rude just kept on driving.

Cloud caught the materia one last time and shifted his eyes a bit to the side. He knew she wasn't gone, but it didn't matter. "I guess it was my imagination." Cloud brought his hand back in to the car and popped the materia back into his case.

Reno swung back into the passenger seat and got comfortable again. "Man, Cloud, you already startin' t' see shit? We are doomed. It's over, call the presses."

A hush faint voice began to speak into Cloud’s mind. “Kill them…kill them all. Before they kill you…There is no cure, but death.

Cloud heard the sound of a voice very faintly, but he couldn't even make out what it said. It must have just been the radio, Cloud thought, and just shrugged it off.

"Look, no promises on Rufus," Reno was saying.  "Even when you're not, y'know, a diseased specimen of the living dead, you're usually considered a hostile presence."

Cloud shook his head, sitting back with his arms crossed. "Rufus is stubborn, but while I hate to say it, he's much more understanding than his dad ever was. He'll talk to me," he reassured Reno.

"That last statement doesn't sound hostile at all," Reno muttered. "Whatcha' gonna finish it up with, Strife, 'or else' ?"

Rude pulled off the main streets of Edge and pulled onto the highway out of town, the bleak landscape beginning to fill their vista.
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Yuffie had waited a good two hours before walking towards Reno's apartment. Really that was about the max amount of time the young ninja could wait. She was an impatient person. Besides, Reno was a simple-minded man. Surely he'd be more inclined to talk now, right? The young ninja walked up to the door to the red head's apartment and knocked loudly on the door. "RENO," she yelled, hoping to quickly get his attention.

Reno's concern for Sam was dashed with the pounding on his door. "Dammit," he grumbled, fumbling out of the sheets and into his clothes again. Nap time was officially over. He stomped down the hallway, only sparing a glance to see if Sam was okay on the couch, before checking the peep-hole to his door. Yuffie. Of course.

When it took Reno more than ten seconds to answer the door. Yuffie began pounding again. Mostly just to annoy him, however. She heard his loud stomp as he made his way towards the front door; she was pretty sure he was looking through the little peep-hole too. "Reno, open the door. I know you're in there," she yelled.

Sam didn't pay him any mind as she was more focused on something else at the moment. The pounding and yelling at the door didn't help her much. She forced herself up onto her feet. It seemed like a huge chore just to do that. She walked into the bathroom and shut the door keeping it unlocked as she sat herself against the wall with the lights shut off.

Reno whipped the door open and grabbed Yuffie's wrist mid-pound so it wouldn't hit him in the face. "Get in here and stop shouting!" he hissed, obviously angry.

The young ninja yanked her hand out of the red-head's as she stifled a laugh. She loved annoying Reno, it was one of her favourite past-times. Yuffie stepped into Reno's less-than-clean apartment and allowed him to close the door. "Nice bachelor pad," Yuffie snarked.

Sam could hear the farmilar voice through the bathroom door, but made no motion to greet or see her.

"Gee, thanks," Reno answered in the same fashion. "Damn, Yuffie, why ya gotta be so loud? You coulda' caused a real scene out there, yo."

"Why do you have to be so stupid," Yuffie retorted back, tilting her head to one side as if she were serious about the question. "It's not like people will think something's going on, Reno. I'm sure girls are at your apartment all the time."

"That's not the point," Reno growled. "I certainly wouldn't have anythin' goin' on with you. Why're you here poundin' on my door, anyway?"

"What's that supposed to mean," the young ninja nearly shouted. Crossing her arms over her chest, she said, "It would be me that wouldn't have anything going on with you." She stuck her tongue out at the red-head childishly and stomped her foot. Really, it came as a shock to some to find out that she was head of the espionage and intelligence gathering department in the WRO. She could be so immature at times.

"Anyways, I came to collect," continued Yuffie. "You all left me with little satisfaction earlier this morning, and I want to know more. Besides, Reno, you owe me."

Reno raised his eyebrows indignantly. "I owe you? An' why's that, princess?"

A smug grin played its way across the Wutaian's face. "You remember that insane party at Tifa's a couple weeks ago? You got so drunk, you were hung over for a day and a half. Let's just say that you got pretty crazy that night, and I have documented evidence of just how crazy you went. If you don't want a certain someone to see those photos, you'll tell me what I want to know," said Yuffie with an evil grin. She loved getting whatever she wanted.

Reno's eye twitched. He remembered that party. He remembered he went because Cloud was barely there -- seriously, that guy missed out on everything, insisting on brooding alone. The question was, did he remember everything about that night? Reno couldn't be sure. "You're more twisted an' evil than I am, Kisaragi," he grumbled at her. "Fine -- whaddaya wanna know?"

A loud yell issued from the young ninja's mouth as she jumped and punched the air with victory. Oh the immaturity....After her little display of victory, Yuffie became serious; so serious, in fact, that, if you didn't know better, you'd think she was a completely different person. But Yuffie knew what to take seriously (most of the time). "Let's start off with what's in the building we were at earlier today."

Sam remained in the bathroom sitting in the darkness. She could hear the girl's voice and wondered what the hell she wanted again. He couldn't help, but to be annoyed at her presence by how persistant she wanted the information.

Reno blinked at the sudden change in Yuffie's demeanor. "Uh... the building this morning? It's a free clinic, graciously funded by GGG Heavy Industries."

"Obviously there's more to the story than that," said Yuffie. "Who are GGG Heavy Industries?"

"GGG Heavy Industries," Reno repeated. "Uh, Gideon Graves. He runs that new nightclub that just opened up a li'l while ago. I think he's a technology investor, R&D. Probably givin' money t' your precious li'l WRO and fundin' private enterprises seekin' new resources. Isn't your buddy Barrett tryin' t' tap oil?"

"What would the owner of a nightclub be doing funding something like a 'free clinic,'" Yuffie muttered to herself, folding her arms over her chest again, this time in thought. "Unless....What's so important in this 'free clinic' that it would catch the attention of a technology investor and Shinra's eyes?"

Time for the quick lying he was famous for. "Why wouldn't he fund it?" Reno asked. "Can't a guy just decide t' help a community torn apart by multiple crises? I mean, are you this suspicious of Reeve, too?"

Yuffie's eyes narrowed dangerously at the thinly veiled insult. Within the blink of an eye, Yuffie's Conformer, which had been securely strapped her to her back, was in her hand and pointed at the red-head's throat. "Reeve already proved himself to be trustworthy back when Shinra wasn't," Yuffie hissed at Reno.

"I wouldn't never question Reeve," she said louder. "Besides, Reno, not everyone is as benevolent as Reeve or as guilt-ridden as Shinra. I've been around people too long to know that almost none of them do something for others unless they get something for it. But if you're so convinced of this Graves's benevolence, then surely you'll be happy to introduce me to him."

"With pleasure," Reno growled, barely holding himself back from getting into an all-out fight. "But lemme tell ya somethin', Yuffie, I've been around people too long t' know that no one got outta Meteor unscathed. Everybody lost something, or somebody. Graves funds a clinic. The basement holds the morgue, autopsies, and pharmaceuticals. But I'll just let ya ask him yerself."

She could tell he was angry right now; not that she really blamed him. Even if he deserved it, she would've gotten mad as well if he shoved a weapon in her face. Yuffie had to take a moment to calm down. It would not do either of them well if they got into a fight. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she knew he was right. No one was safe from physical or mental damage during any of the crisises that had happened in the past four years. Still, the young ninja got the feeling that Reno was desperately trying to hide something. In some ways, it gave her chills. What could possibly be at that clinic that even Reno would want to keep quiet about it? Oh well, Yuffie didn't think she should stress the Turkey out that much. "I look forward to meeting him," said she, signaling her white flag.

"Tomorrow at seven?" he asked.

"Sounds good," she replied.

"See you then."

Yuffie took her cue to leave. She gave the red-head a two finger salute and said, "See ya!" With that, she turned around and walked out the door.

Reno watched her go, and then finally relaxed. He'd have to see Gideon again -- willingly. Fantastic. But it was better than letting anything slip just yet. Not before he sorted things out in his own head.

Day Three

Sep. 7th, 2011 01:19 pm
shinra_dog: (not innocent)

Reno stretched as he exited the garage, then let his arms fall to his sides with a sigh. Decontaminating the lab was long and hard, not to mention thankless and frustrating. He was glad for Sam's help, though. Tseng's "supervisory" role would have been much less tolerable without it. Now, however, with the morning sun hitting his bare skin, smelling like bleach and attracting stares, Reno just wanted to get back to his apartment and shower.

Tseng steps out from the building behind Reno. The sun didn't seem to effect him much, but of course since his eyes were already closed it was a bit difficult to tell. "Good work today.. Ah Reno, you may want to get home and take a shower by the way, you reak of bleach." Tseng suggests as he starts to walk towards his expensive black car.

Sam tried not to breathe through her nose as it would burn if she were to inhale through it. The enhanced sense didn't help very much. She was relieved to be finished so she could exit out through the garage to have a breath of fresh air. She didn't feel she should be involved with their conversation, so went on ahead.

Reno's eye twitched. "Thanks, Tseng. I'll take that into consideration," he said sarcastically, as if he needed the outside suggestion. He slung his leg over his bike and straddled it, grumbling to his helmet which wouldn't fire him for the things he said. "You sure you don't need a ride anywhere?" he asked Sam. "Sun's up."

Sam knew it wouldn't be a good idea to travel now the way she got here now that the sun is up. She wasn't sure where she was going to go. She really had no destination in mind. A thought came to mind and she responds, "I left something back at your place. I need to go back and get it."

Yuffie stifled a yawn with her purple glove. Wouldn't do her any good if she were discovered. That defeated the purpose of "sneaking around." Actually, she was sneaking around with a purpose this time. There have been rumors recently circulating around about a potential "new crisis" threatening the Planet. Not many people within the WRO knew about it; they were only rumours. However, Reeve didn't want to take any chances, and so he sent Yuffie to investigate.  Thus why she found herself hiding in the bushes next to this suspicious-looking building. She was quietly listening for people coming and going, and hoping that they dropped verbal hints as they entered and exited the building, but so far it had been pretty boring. No one had really left or entered, and she'd been there for quite some time. Stifling another yawn, Yuffie slumped over as she battled sleep. As soon as she decided to close her eyes (but only for a moment), she heard something that definitely caught her interest. The doors had swished open quietly, and voices could now be heard. Opening her eyes again, Yuffie sat up at listened to the oddly familiar voices as they continued speaking.

"Oh... yeah, I guess you did," Reno was answering Sam. He wasn't even thinking about that before, he'd left in such a hurry. He only noticed now that he wasn't completely preoccupied that she wasn't wearing anything over her small shirt. Small, white, soaked shirt.... Focus, Reno, focus! "Um, ya wanna come back with me then? You can use my shower, too, I guess..." he offered awkwardly.

Sam seemed to have a mental battle erupt inside of her mind as she thought about going back. Most of this battle was actually to get on the bike more than anything. She let out a heavy sigh and nodded her head, "Alright...don't drive crazy like you did on the way here...or there will be an accident." She warned him.

Meanwhile, inside the lab, a man who appeared to be a janitor was retrieving data from a small, hidden electronic device in the morgue into what appeared to be a smart phone. Disconnected it and hid it on his cart and went on his way.

Having left his spare helmet across town when Sam declined, Reno offered her his. "Alright, deal. Besides, emergency's kinda over for now, right? Think we can relax for the fifteen minutes or so."

Yuffie frowned as the voices got louder. She could swear that Reno was right around the corner from her. And she thought she could also hear Tseng as well, but he only spoke briefly. The third voice was a woman she didn't recognize.

Sam walked over and took the helmet from him, "Hmm...for a short while, but who knows for how long, I don't know..." She put the helmet over her head and adjusted it to for her size. She has never worn one before, but was smart enough to figure this out. She felt her heart fall though when she actually got onto the bike. She wasn't sure what she was more worried about. Was it to be on a bike or was it that she would be forced to touch his bare skin on the way back. She swallowed hard and couldn't help but turn red a bit as she leaned over, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Can ya breathe okay?" Reno asked over his shoulder. "There's a vent switch right under the visor, should be open for ya already. But once we get goin', if it ain't enough feel free ta' just open up the whole front, I'll block most a' the wind for ya."

Sam listened, but wasn't sure what he meant for a moment till she messed with the helmet for a moment, "oh okay...thanks." She said before situating herself again. She closed her eyes tightly feeling a panic hit her twice as hard when she realized they were about to go.

He had just opened the door to his car and stepped in when Tseng suddenly could hear a faint rustling coming from the bushes nearby. Normally he would brush off such things as an animal, but after the events of tonight it was too suspicious. Among that he also just had a feeling...something was off. He turned around quietly and slowly approached the set of bushes, carefully pulling his materia pistol from his pocket.

Ohdamn! Yuffie thought as she heard the unmistakable click of dress shoes approaching her hiding spot. Perhaps she hadn't been careful enough when she sat up. Cursing herself for not being careful, Yuffie's hand tightened around her Conformer. As soon as Yuffie could see the shoes from between the leaves, she sprang up and swung her over-sized shuriken towards whoever it was that discovered her.

Tseng reacted quickly to the sudden appearance of Yuffie in front of him, pointing his gun toward the giant shuriken coming in his direction. As he shoots in an attempt to deflect the weapon he suddenly remembers that he forgot to swap out the full cure materia he was using earlier. A mist of cure magic futily surrounds the weapon as it comes down and gashes Tseng's knuckles. "Gah!" Tseng yells as he grabs his now bleeding hands.

"What the - ?!" Reno reacted to the sudden threat by shifting his weight -- and the bike's -- suddenly, his left hand going for a weapon. And then he saw Yuffie. "Yuffie? What the hell, man?" he asked. She was a ninja, sure, but this... this he just couldn't take seriously. Though watching Tseng get flustered and hurt, when he was always telling Reno to be prepared no matter what, was pretty amusing.

Sam blinked when she heard him speak and looked out over to who he spoke to. She arched an eyebrow wondering how long that person had been there. She didn't remember walking by her when she walked out of the building, "Who?"

"Tseng!" exclaimed Yuffie as she nearly dropped her weapon. But she was able to keep the large ninja star in her hands as she leaped over the bushes to see how bad Tseng's now bleeding hand was. She wasn't exactly friends with the Turks, but after their help the past few years, she was much more willing to trust them. "I'm sorry," she exclaimed while attempting to cure the wound. It wasn't that bad, but she still instinctively felt bad for cutting the man's hand. "Are you alright," she asked, purposefully ignoring Reno.

Tseng rolled his wrist a few times upon his hands being cured. It didn't hurt too badly, it was more the surprise of them getting hit that got to him. "Yes, they're fine," Tseng assures her, he finally examines who it was that had attacked him. "You.. You're that girl from the WRO. Yuffie it is correct?" He asked her. You would think he would remember Yuffie better than that.

"Yuffie," Reno repeated for Sam's sake, and began to explain. "You remember Cloud? She's one a' his buddies. Works with the World Regenesis Organization now." He then turned to the ninja in question. "What're you doin' here, hidin' in the bushes? Shouldn't you be with Reeve or somethin'?"

Yuffie stood straight and saluted the senior Turk with a wink. "Yuffie Kisaragi, White Rose of Wutai, at your service." Then to Reno, Yuffie stuck out her tongue. "I was doing some recon work for Reeve, if you really need to know. Which reminds me, why are two Turks doing at a place like this," Yuffie asked while crossing her arms, a serious look befalling her face. It was time to get to work.

Sam kept silent, but listened closely. She was curious to know what was going on. Like she needed to hear more panic going on around here.

Tseng reached down to pick his pistol up from the ground. As he returns upright he replies to her, "Business of the Turks and Shinra are none of the WRO's concern." He opens up the casing of his gun to replace the materia inside. "Curious that Reeve is sending his patrols around Shinra premise though. I'll be sure to have the President remind Reeve of the WRO's agreement." Tseng might have been a little grumpy over his recent embarrassment.

Yuffie's eyes narrowed at Tseng's quiet threat. She didn't like anyone talking about her boss like that. "Like hell it isn't the WRO's concern. I'm sure you've heard the rumours, and I wouldn't be surprised if you all were involved with it some how. When it comes to the Planet's well-being, the WRO is top priority. What business you have becomes the WRO's in regards to Gaia." spat the young ninja. "I'll ask again, what business do two Turks have at a building like this?"

"Whoa there, li'l philly, calm down," Reno cut in. "Before everyone starts pointin' fingers, can we just take a step back here?" He looked between Tseng and Yuffie for a second, nearly feeling the electricity between them. "Look, Yuff, we're investigatin' the rumors too, just like you. That's it. People start gettin' sick and seein' strange shit, you think we're really gonna stand back an' not do anythin'?" He paused for emphasis, eyebrows raised, as if to say That's stupid. "So relax, alright?"

The irate ninja's fist came down on Reno's head. "Philly," she repeated angrily. "Don't call me that!" Yuffie crossed her arms indignantly as she let Reno's words sink in. It did kind of make sense, though, what he was saying. Don't ever tell Reno she said that, even if it was only in her brain. "Fine," she muttered finally. "Tseng needs to get the stick out of his ass, though," she coughed out.

"At least we agree on one thing," Reno grumbled softly as he rubbed his head. All this bruising was not fun. Reno was starting to feel rather like a human pinata, which meant he was taking damage, which usually went along with losing. And he didn't like losing.

"So, Turkey, are you going to fill me in on what you know? It's better if we work together to figure this out," Yuffie said seriously.

Sam let out a heavy sigh having relaxed a bit from the stress of being on the bike, but now a new stress arose, but it was none of her concern. She just wanted to be somewhere at least quiet for a bit to relax. No where seemed to be good for that.

Reno glanced at Tseng, one eyebrow raised. Should we? Here, now? Ever? It made sense... but on the other hand, Turks worked alone. Habit, maybe, but tradition.

Tseng finally returned his pistol to his pockets. "There's only so much we can disclose without permission from someone hire. All I can tell you is we've begun to discover the true threat these Dark Seraphs stand. They multiply using human bodies and are considerably powerful." Tseng turns himself back towards his car.

The young ninja pouted a little. That couldn't be the only information they could tell her. She already knew all of this. She was hoping that the Turks, given their influence, would know a little more about what was going on. Yuffie turned to Reno, hoping he would be a bit looser with information than his comrade. "That can't be everything," she said with a silent plea for more info.

Reno shrugged. "Sorry -- that's pretty much it." Pretty much. "Look, I gotta get back to my apartment, I reek of bleach in case ya hadn't noticed. Love t' chat, but can't, so - " He keyed up the bike and revved it, drowning out anything else she might say. If she decided to take the hint and seek him out later, somewhere more private, then maybe he'd talk. But for now, he hadn't decided. Business was business, after all.

Sam felt that sudden fear hit her again. She winced a bit at the noise as the engine roared to life. She re-closed her eyes and subconsciously tightened her grip on him.

Indignantly, she huffed a loud sigh as Reno conveniently revved his engine. Yuffie wasn't satisfied with Reno's answer. She'd just find him later and get more answers from him. There was no way she would give up! Those Turkeys knew so much more than what they were letting on, and as a member of the WRO, it was Yuffie's duty to find out what they knew. She was the head of the espionage and intelligence gathering department, after all.

"If we're done here, then I shall be departing now. Oh, by the way.." Tseng stops for a second and turns the top half of his body slightly, "Ms. Kisaragi, I would suggest you be more careful traveling on your own with these monsters wandering the streets." The Turk leader then proceeds to returning to his car, elegantly taking the driver's seat and starting his ignition.

Yuffie sneered at the dark haired man. "Thanks for the concern, but I think I can take care of myself," she said with a little venom. Geez, first they completely ignore her request for information, then they decide to question her abilities as a ninja...She was seriously close to roasting these Turkeys for an early lunch. But she still needed information from them, so she decided to pay them back later.

Reno nodded his farewell to Yuffie as well, and with a quick boot to the kickstand, rolled out of the driveway and onto the street, the distance growing every second.

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